Gluttany Gulch Difficulties

A few days back I was having trouble with the Sourcerer’s Daughter, so straight after this I tried the Gluttony Gulch DLC thinking it may be a little easier. After being killed around 10 times by the two ‘badass pirates’ I eventually killed them both. But now the two Tribunes who appear just after dropping down a hatch to get the final ingrediant (by the Ammo machine). These are impossible. Their shields regenerate so quickly and they move very quickly. Is there a specific tactic to kill these two problem enemies? I was using a Magic Missile along with a DPUH and shock launcher both at the playing level. Tried a Bee Shield but I can never get it fully charged from all the incoming flacI have been killed so many times my cash reserves have gone from $46m to $3m and this is before I reach the Wattle Gobler and the array of Tribunes in that arena. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks

I’ve also found those enemies to be surprisingly difficult. You’re rocking Gaige, no? In a pinch, you should be able to cheese them from that area by backing up the stairs. Deathtrap should be able to keep them engaged for a while (freeing you up to lay into them without too much trouble), no?

Outside of prestacking Anarchy (if you are playing Gaige) sometimes the best strategy is play against type & use basic tactics:

Match elements & use multiple elements:

Slag with magic missles but then also throw tesla grenades or shock transfusions in mass to bring down the shields of said enemy.

Once shields are down, since they are not armored use Fire (if they aren’t resistant) and go for crits with whatever high damage weapons you have, especially any with a bonus.

Stay mobile but know your terrain. Strafe while firing to evade attacks while still targeting the enemy.

Getting a Badaboom as a bailout weapon is always recommended, and a Lyuda as a go to sniper so you can put the hurt on from range is recommended.

Just about any Pimpernel, but especially shock, slag, or fire, is good against the sorcerer’s daughter.

And though Axton and Krieg have grenade bonuses to boost Tediore Reload damage, it’s still effective on other characters so chucking a Tediore SMG is worthwhile. You should be able to farm Madame Bartlesby for a Babymaker or two if you want top tier stuff.

Fastballs are also just plain good damage to fall back on in a pinch on any character.