Go Back to Main Menu to Update [PS4]

Keep getting this message but yet see no way to update from Main Menu. I exit game and check for updates and see nothing either. Anyone else getting this message or how to utilize it?


I’ve been getting this message at least twice throughout the week. I think the update (hotfix) installs automatically when you reach the title screen similar to WWE 2k or NBA 2k games

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I have been having the same issue. There is no indicator to the progress of the update, and it is asking me most times I go to the pause menu. I’ve left it there for an hour, and when I got back to play, and paused, it happens again, and am prompted to go back to the main screen.
I’ve noticed the effects of the most recent update aren’t working. I still get pushed around by my pet, and also, as a note, with leveled 30 purple, blue and orange weapons, with corrosive equipped, including on grenades, I can’t beat Panic and Terror. Its obnoxious. Its my least favorite boss thus far.

Still having updating issues. Returning to main screen for any length of time does not apply updates. Over this!!

Same here, my game will not update the hot fixes. So annoying. I guess I’ll try to uninstall and download again but I don’t know if that’ll even work.

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