Go Free to Play

I play battleborn from Australia, queue times are 20+ minutes to find a game in incursion (the other modes, don’t bother you won’t find a game).
The community has gotten too small for a MOBA, even when you get in a game it’s with people you have been playing your last 2 matches with (another barrier for any new player as they are matched with people who already have an understanding of the game and the characters).
Battleborn is a good game, it’s fun and I don’t want it to die out. It needs to go free to play to survive.
I recommend doing something along the lines of:
Give free to play players a weekly rotation of 5 or 6 characters of mixed roles (tank, healer, dps).
Allow free to play players to purchase new champions for in game currency (don’t make them all 47500 though, that’s a ridiculously high amount, people would quit before they buy their first character or they would buy one then realise they don’t like the character then quit). Restrict their access to skins, taunts and the story campaign. Give them the option to upgrade their account to standard battleborn edition.
Stop selling the season pass. For the people that already bought it give them all the existing skins and taunts and all future champions for free (maybe give them some unique founder titles or podiums under their characters on character select).
Since you mainly get gear from story mode, battleborn will need another way of giving gear to the playerbase, maybe at the end of each game the losing team gets 1 piece of random gear and the winning team gets 2 pieces of random gear