Go-Go Juice Worth It?

Asking if u think Go-Go juice would be good on Caldarius, or if the sprint speed would be redundant on him.

Also, if u think it is good would it be worth carrying with his legendary, or is the cost just not worth it.

I prefer attack and durability. Caldarious’s legendary sounds good, but if you need health indoors you will probably hit your head on the roof and die in the process.

I go attack speed, attack damage and skill cool down. Sprint increase is nice but with his escape and lateral thrust he already moves fast enough.

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Go go juice is a no go juice for him. He’s a very jumpy guy, you won’t be able to stack very well. OM is the only character I can think of to use go go juice on.

I sometimes take Go-go Juice with him and it works well (more fun than usefull btw)… but you don’t really need more mobility thant he already have

When i ake it, it looks like jumping don’t reset the “Go-go Juice” passive

I also have a question about this. Does anyone know what the difference between a skirmisher mobile and a skirmisher agile is? I assume skirmisher is like hit and run but does mobile mean faster than agile?

They nerfed it into the ground on the last patch, in case anyone was wondering.

^ this!

Its not worth it anymore. lol

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