God of war ascension and Battleborn

2 games I really love, how am I going to compare the two? Well for those of you who didn’t know, God of war ascension did have a multiplayer mode. It was fantastic IMO, but sufferred from a low player base at the very start. Why? Mostly because people who bought the game didn’t know or care that it had a multiplayer. One thing that was that they at least had a leader board, and man did that help keep the few players who did know about the multiplayer active. If santa monica sold the multiplayer seperately or advertised it I think it could have been much more popular. But that leader board alone kept my interest as a competitive focused gamer alive. I would still be playing that game if they released the multiplayer on the new generation of systems because I absolutely loved it.

How does this relate to Battleborn? Well I knew about battleborn and kept a close eye on the game up to its release because it had been described as a dream come true to my competitive side. Where did this go wrong? Well the game was released without a competitive mode, and no leaderboards. I feel that if they had implemented at least a leaderboard for this game they would have been able to retain some of the competitive players. Not only did they not have the competitive game mode they let players experience one only to take it away. I think this was a terrible mistake, I had been waiting for a competitive mode to test my skills and now it is gone. The team and friends I had convinced to get the game were also looking forward to a competitive mode and have since stopped playing. Yes I could take time out of my day to go to some third party site and enter into the community held tournaments, but that would take time away from me actually playing the game and competitive matches take forever to set up. Please Gear box if you don’t at least reimplement some sort of competitive mode at least set up some sort of leader board, I want to know how I compare to the rest of the player base. I feel like others would like to know as well and may keep the interest of the competitive players of battleborn.

This game seemed like it was created with the intention of being a competitive game, but was released without anything for the competitive playerbase. This along with the lack of marketing is why I think this game didn’t take off as much as everyone had hoped.

Edit: I want a very detailed leaderboard like santa monica had released
They had leaderboards for most kills, deaths (I know how terrible to show who died the most that week but hey it was detailed), time played, most points, most assists, longest win streak, most loses, etc.

Track top kills, healing, objective, time played, most kills with each individual character, minions killed, winstreaks, the more details and the more leaderboards the better. Sure it may trivialize it but with god of war ascension many players were just happy to see their name in the top 100 of said stats or groups of stats. Of course there were some players that were always at the top, but hey that means they kept their interest and were probably following the leaderboards to stay at top.