God Roll Unforgiven

I now know that unfortunately legendary Jakobs pistols can’t spawn with a masher suffix (or postfix, whichever works), which sucks since what’s the point of the Unforgiven even existing if it can’t spawn as a masher? But i had an idea, Jakobs has a quad prefix (which makes a gun shoot 4 bullets, btw), and until Gearbox posts some sort of master list which shows exactly which parts and prefixes can and can’t spawn with each and every item in the game, there’s at least a chance that an Unforgiven masher can be somewhat simulated! So is there anybody out there who has managed to get there hands on a Quad Unforgiven I’d love to see a pic with the stats please.

Lol, you’re hoping!! Arguably the strongest pistol in the game (second only to the Maggie!) And you want quadruple the damage?? :joy::grin::grinning:

Pretty sure unforgiven is part locked, so cannot spawn with that prefix. Most Legendaries are, to one extent or another.

The Unforgiven is more of a Lady Fist like weapon in Bl3. A God-roll would simply be the maximum damage you can get with 432% crit.

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I think OP’s point is that the Unforgiven is best remembered as a high-powered Masher (even if that was only if it spawned with the specific accessory in BL1), so its kinda a disservice to the gun in BL2/BL3 that it specifically cannot spawn as a Masher. I mean nowadays the Unforgiven is just used in cheesy crit-swap stuff, which is a damn shame.


That’s how people choose to use it but it’s perfectly viable as a gun, at least if you combine it with overkill.

Not gonna defend the Borderlands 2 Unforgiven tho, that thing was a piece of ■■■■

Best Unforgiven I have come across is the lower crit damage but 100% ASE version.

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I wet myself when I found a 432 with the 250 anoint for my siren! I love using it with ties that bind! ( And the occasional cheese!) :yum::joy: