God teir rowans call and lyuda

I have a phaseslam 300% weapon dmg fire rowans call and a 300% weapon dmg shock lyuda. If you guys have anything similar as far as cutsmans 250% phasecast and crossroads 250% phasecast fire element, let me know so we can trade asap!

Otherwise, offer up!!!

I actually just sold my Cutsman just to get rid of it. I have a “Bitch” too (On PC) and man, for some reason on Mahyem 3 SMG’s in general just seem to be pure garbage.

All of my Legendary SMG’s sit in my bank because the just don’t do enough damage on M3. I have a purple Tediore SMG I keep and that’s the only SMG I carry and it melts enemies on M3.

Do you use Amara? Pretty much any elemental SMG shreds things apart with her. Try getting some with phasecast anointment and it’s ridiculous.

Nah, that’s the thing. I play Moze…I have yet to find an SMG (Except my purple Tediore) that she is viable with at M3. Kind of sucks because I loved SMGs and Maliwann in BL2 and they just don’t do anything with Moze on M3.

I use an shock version of a Binary Cutsman and it does great at M3… I think it’s an SMG… Hell, may be a pistol…

Yeah the Cutsman is an SMG. I had a corrosive Cutsman (lvl 50) and it did dog-doo-doo for me on M3. My purple Tediore SMG did significantly more DPS.

Edit: Uploaded a photo…this thing outperformed my Cutsman by miles

@Carmen_SanDiego maybe get a better cutsman that’s also anointed bc I use my 250% phasecast fire one to melt GW just as fast as lyuda haha