Anyone else getting this error??

yes we are 3 in our party, trying to launch rancor alpha hunt or main quest in purple zone, impossible to launch it

Jup same here XD servers probably overloaded guess i’ll try to play tomorrow

Please report this issue by filing a support ticket - thanks!

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Did anyone else get not receive the trophy for defeating macros? this is the only trophy i havent gotten preventing me from getting platinum but the thing is i cant replay the story to Defeat macros in story mode, i’ve killed him numerous of times in the dreamstones and the trophy just wont pop for me i figure this is a bug/glitch or whatever but im trying as hard as i can to reach out to the publishers to fix this so i can receive my platinum trophy.

As mentioned in the quote in my post above, please file a support ticket for this issue - thanks.

I’m finding it hard to post in the forum. I need help with godfall. I play multuplayer and everytime we start a beacon mission it never let’s us complete 3 objectives. Sometimes after the first the red towers dissappear or after the second tower disappears the 3rd never shows up we have no where to go and nothing to do. We play on ps5. Wasn’t there an update? We can’t go anywhere in the game. Please help. Ps5 handle Marty_McFly718 I filed 2 support tickets with them already keep getting automated email that says they are out of the office for the holidays until January 2nd and it’s the 27th. Seems like Noone cares

I’ll send a note through to the Community Manager with a heads-up about the ticket situation. Can you give me the ticket number from one of those? It should be included in the auto-response.

As far as I can see, the last update was this one:

Ticket numbers are 231978 and 232867. Thank you for doing this. I really would like some help. If this doesn’t get the issue fixed I would try to return the game to them. Doesn’t work. What’s the point. I mean I’m a fan buy after spending weeks and getting nowhere I’m very very disappointed.

OK I’ve forwarded the information. Unfortunately, there’s not much else I can do at this point.

Who did you forward it to? How will I know that they received it? Will they respond?

I sent it to the community manager (@Noelle_GBX) to forward to the relevant person within GBX. This is an informal process (although the only one available to forum moderators), so I’m afraid I can’t answer your other questions.

Please send me a copy or cc me in what you sent to them

I’m afraid I can’t copy/cc since this is through the forum - it doesn’t work like email. Basically, I pointed out the issue you were having, linked to the post here, and passed on the ticket numbers.

That’s about all forum moderators (who are volunteers and not GBX employees) can do.

Is this happening to more people than just me? I can’t believe that there’s like this grey area where 8 can’t reach the company but I have to go through someone like you and even that seems sketchy. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate your help and guidance but it seems like I’m just screwed into owning a game that I can’t play.

I honestly have no idea. You could check the official Godfall web site or social media channels to see if there’s anything there. FTR GBX is just the publisher for the title, not the developer, so they wouldn’t be directly involved in bug-fixing or updates. That’s one of the reasons why there isn’t really a public posting section for Godfall on these forums.

The official sites have messaging turned off…who is the developer? I will gladly reach out.

The developer is CounterPlay games. There are numerous links here:

There’s no way to contact anyone here. This is rediculous.