Godfall Status effects question

On the game data it says I have a lifestone with increased bleed chance by 11%, however, when I look at my detailed stats it says my bleed chance is only at 12 percent. 10% from Bulwark armor, and 2% from ailment skill. So do the increased chances on other equipments (namely lifestones, rings, charms etc…) have no impact on status effect chance? I have noticed that increases on the weapons themselves do effect the stat in the detailed stats dialogue box, but no other trinket seems to do anything. Is there some hidden buff similar to being in archon fury or having an ailment increasing banner that is applied after? I am very confused about how this system works and there appears to be no transparency on how this would work. Some one, anyone, please help me understand what is going on here!

Point of Action: If the trinket increases to these damage types in fact do nothing, then 1 of 2 possibilities needs to happen either:
a) remove stat chance from equipment types that cannot add benefit the stat chance percentage
b) have the stat chances from these items actually effect the stat chance value.

Thanks for looking this over.