Godfinger Question

I’ve recently tried using the godfinger on my op 8 maya. Maybe somebody can explain how this gun works to me… The base damage is 556,497 so how did I hit 32.8 million damage with just a sham shield? The wiki says the damage can go up o 14x the damage on the card but 32.8 million is a lot more than 14x the base damage. I’ve never used the assassin so I don’t know anything about bore or how to bore, which the godfinger supposedly has built into it.

If you shot it from really far, it can outdamage all the sniper rifles in the game.

Plus, you may have specced into damage increases and gear may help. Also badass rank can get pretty crazy. And crit damage as well

If you play as Maya or Zer0 you need to avoid putting points into Vel0city and Accelerate as the bullets of the Godfinger rely on time and not distance before they start multiplying. While with the Bekah it is not much of an issue with the Godfinger both skills increases the required distance to achieve max damage so much you have to be practically on the other side of the map to get the full damage the Godfinger has to offer.

There are two mechanisms at work with this gun:

  • When you shoot it, every x fraction of a second that the round is in the air, another round joins it. This is where the 14x multiplier comes from (that’s the most amount of extra pellets that wind up with the original round). Note that this distance is pretty far, given what appears to be the “average” sniping distance in the game (especially, as @Troubled said, you have Vel0city or Accelerate on deck: that causes the original round to go faster, shortening the time to target, eliminating a few extra pellets from being in stream).

  • It’s got multiplied pseudo B0re capabilities. Even if you’re not Zer0, shots penetrate targets. Shots that penetrate a target do not get damage increases like B0re, but the shot does multiply into, what, five pellets upon passing through the initial target? Those will show up as higher damage than what you hit the first target with, but it’s technically not B0re.

I have been vexed trying to set up an experiment where I can reliably confirm that these effects may be combined (which is as much a statement about its feasibility in combat as anything else). You can test the first one by shooting a stationary target from increasing distances, and watch the damage ramp up. It is possible to get the 14x multiplier with +5 in Vel0city, but you start to reach the limit of map sizes and engine draw limits. Accelerate produces much less bullet speed than Vel0city, but still… if you’re going to go for a run where this gun is your main, don’t speed up the bullets. You can test the second one by shooting a target with overlapping hit boxes (like Saturn or a Constructor); you’ll hear multiple pellets making the B0re sound with the associated damage. Alternately, you can shoot a crystal and watch the shots scatter.

As @l_gabrielcruz said, this gun has the potential to outdamage all the other sniper rifles in the game, but the use case is much more limited. A Pimpernel is a close second, and you don’t need to shoot across a map, line up hit boxes, or that sort of thing. In practice, I usually do Godfinger-specific runs; Vel0city (and Accelerate) are such good skills in their own right that you will be sacrificing a decent amount of other weapon damage to enhance this one gun.

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I wish the bullet split was distance based and not time based, so Vel0city and Accelerate wouldnt mess up it.
In fact, I wish that both of them actually helped some way. Would be amazing as Zer0 and Maya are the best snipers from BL2.