Godhunter Kills not Counting

As per title, participating in killing das fuhrer Varelsi in Faceoff isn’t counting towards the Godhunter title total.

Are you killing the Devourer or Mi’gizi? Mi’gizi has a lower chance of spawning and only participating in killing him will give you progress.


Ah gotcha, mistook it as the mini-boss in general.

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Same here. I didn’t know there was 2 mini bosses. Too bad every time I get in that area in face off people just focus on kills

Most of the time people seem to target Mi’Zigi if he spawns. But that arena can be a game changer so I don’t hold it up to people to go for the guy with 80 masks instead of a boss that will be there quite regularly.

That entire game mode just devolves in to a TDM.