GodHunter Titke Question

I just did 4 FaceOff matches where I fought and helped kill “The Devourer” boss 8 times.

I was at 8 of 10 completions for the GodHunter (Participate in killing “The Devourer” 10 times) and got ZERO new activations.

Do you have to get the killing blow?

Or is the reporting just bugged?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you absolutely sure it was M’Gizi or whatever it is? There are multiple bosses, so maybe a few are named devourer

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I’ve had the same issue, I haven’t done it enough to really confirm what the issue is but i’ve definitely “participated” more than just 10 times but I’ve only reached 20%. So I’m either looking towards killing blows, or maybe even your team having to encounter the first and last hit, if not just a bug

Isn’t the challenge to kill M’Gizi, not just a regular Devourer?

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The challenge says its name is The Devourer, M’Gizi, and I can confirm that’s its name when fighting it. M’Gizi is notably different, because it has a blueish/aqua/green tint that the standard one doesn’t. I’ve fought against it 3 times and don’t have any progress on the challenge nor the title.


It’s for killing a special named boss called ‘Mg’izi’

When you look at the boss it will be either titled ‘the devourer’ or ‘Mgizi the devourer’.

The latter appears seemingly at random, and you need only to participate in the kill.

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