Godhunter title is bugged af

I have killed the Devourer 20 times. I’ve pinged it, hit it while it died, did everything but it still has me stuck at 40%. I’m just about ready to give up on trying to kill it if I’m not even going to get credit for it.

It has to be Mi’Gizi. It’s a special Devourer at the second teleport. Not all matches have it.


There’s a special devourer with the name Mi’Gzi.

The boss will either be named simply ‘devourer’ or Mi’Gzi the devourer.

It seems to be RNG based when he appears.

I was stuck on 9 for a while.

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LMAO dude. Ive found that just about every title is bugged and have noticed massive flaws in their data collection that I’m super annoyed with.

In addition to lore challenge “issues” specifically with the “hit X enemies with X skill X times”. You have to hit WAY more than needed to get it to register…BROKEN

Titles: Being that it’s obvious lore challenges are busted as hell, its not that hard to believe that the same logic being applied to that is flawed when it comes to titles. After the update, I saw I was short 4 titles I’ve never been given credit for. Worthy of a Song, Bada bada boom, Obliterator, and Coopetition.

I’ve had my eyes on Obliterator and Coopetion for some time being that I know I’ve “gotten” the 60 kills many times, sometimes in a row and never got the title. I was also close to Obliterator and watching the countdown. I only needed 2 wins at one point, 4 wins later, no obliterator…I was like WTF, why can’t this game accurately count a W or an L??

I’m not going to even bother going into what’s wrong with worthy of a song and bada boom…it’s just going to give me heart burn.

Bottom line here is that this game isn’t accurately tracking sht. Seems like it is for some, while others it isn’t which is very concerning. We are however many months in and simple stuff like this aren’t working.