Godly lvl 50 rolls should not be called god rolls anymore

Godly lvl 50 rolls should not be called god rolls anymore. Is this an acceptable statement after the level 53 increase?

I see builds here and in YT that gets crucified just because these people had godly gear (whether legit or not). So after level cap raise, can we say their gear are no more godly?

For me, yes, they aren’t godly anymore. They are still good at level 53 (of course not at level 80).

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I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Stats on a level 50 item can still be"godly". It’s going to be hard to give up my +shotgun damage/+weapon damage/+ torgue weapon damage Moze mod. Because this stuff is percentage based. It will still be viable.

I agree it will still be viable and assuming the current Mayhem modes are the same still with just 3 level enemy increase. But are they still godly items at lvl 50 after the level cap?


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If you lost your god I suggest a generous donation of non godly in my direction xD

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Exactly, OP has confused “God Roll” with power level and I’ll still be happy to drop that +5 in Donnybrook Seein Dead with +wpn dmg and Mag size as I continue my gear grind. :+1:

Oh you’re mistaken. I didn’t confuse god roll with power level.

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Ok which part of the “Roll” becomes ungodly because the item is not at the level cap when the stats are percentiles?

Which part of the roll did I confuse power level?

I’d say that covers it.

Applied stats will be the same, only the power level obtainable will change so as far as I am concerned I’ll be happy still referring to an item as god rolled if under L53.

Don’t confuse levels as power levels. Just because you are at level 53 doesn’t mean your power level is stronger than someone at level 50.

Leveling (cap raises) is not the same as power level.

Edit: Well if you have the same gear, same build, same VH a lvl 53 would have more power level than a lvl 50

I refer you to my previous statement that you have yet to answer, rather than get bogged down in a semantics argument - I have gear to grind. :+1:

To me, the “Roll” is godly, it does just not provide the maximum capability due to it’s level.

Lol you are the one bogging me with semantics. You still have not clarified where I confused godly rolls with power level. I didn’t even mention that phrase in my initial post.

I suggest you continue grinding. I just completed two full runs of Shaft hence I am here. I am not grinding until after the patch.

Ok right I get it, replace where I say power with Level and we are good - forgive me I also play Destiny :rofl:

TLDR:- You suggest an item with Roll XYZ at L50 is no longer godlike becase it can be XYZ at L53.

I disagree because the roll component is the same and is a percentile, as stated by others it’s still a god roll because the named buffs cannot be better.

A god roll will always be a god roll. It just isn’t a max level god roll after level increases is all. That’s how I see it atleast.