Godly Purple Tree Terror Lucky 7 build

For all normal content:

ONLY FOR GUARDIAN TAKEDOWN (Or if you don’t have second season pass)(replaces purple tree):

Gear required:
Lucky 7 with URAD
Front loader +terror ammo regen
Stackbot w/ Jacobs crit damage, no points in Fast and the Furryous if possible
Pearl of knowledge (You can also use any shield with terror ammo regen + deathless but I wouldn’t recommend it)
It’s piss w/ ASE apply terror (can be any grenade except for the hunter seeker, as long as it has with ASE apply terror)
Rakk Attack

If you don’t have the front loader/it’s piss, any shield/grenade combo works as long as the shield has terror ammo regen and the grenade has ASE apply terror. In that case, consider switching to ASE N2M bonus damage (which is permenant), Terror Cryo/Terror Headshot damage, or Consec hits.

This build is absolutely amazing, and got me through the guardian takedown on my first try on m10. This build can absolutely destroy anything in it’s path, and with the addition of fuzzy math, the build finally has insane survivability to match the insane DPS.

Before you go into combat, reload the lucky 7 until you get 7 projectiles and guaranteed headshots rolls (the first and last slots). Try and get the elemental one and explosions if possible, but do NOT get the rapid fire one. Then, when in combat, you need to periodically use Rakk Attack to keep terror up. You want to find the right balance between casting it too much and too often. Terror lasts exactly 15 seconds, so I usually cast it every 10 seconds to be safe, while also casting it whenever I’m looking for an enemy/not actively shooting. From this point on, you cannot save quit, reload, or switch weapons.

Because you regen ammo with your shield, you will permanently have 7 projectiles and guaranteed crits. But it gets more broken. The stackbot WILL NOT RESET, SO YOU ALSO HAVE 500% DAMAGE. Think of the maggie, except you have 20k more damage for every trigger pull, and with (at least) triple more damage from that because of the stackbot, AND WAY MORE BECAUSE OF URAD ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE.

By the way, I think specifically for the guardian takedown I would go down the blue tree for dominace over the purple tree. The reasoning for this is 1. you kill things too fast for dominance to be useful on enemies that don’t have the health of raid bosses (cough cough all the guardians), and dominance will distract the guardians from standing on the crystals. I do imagine the raid bosses will be significantly harder without fuzzy math, as you will still shred through enemies but not have much survivability.

You can murder any enemy in seconds
You can murder any enemy in seconds (had to mention this one twice)
Fuzzy math will always keep you at full shield as long as you’re shooting

If you get into FFYL, you lose all your stackbot stacks, so your damage goes from obscene to just amazing, which may make it harder to get back up (though I went through both the guardian and maliwan takedown without ever dying)

You have to spend upwards of 10 minutes of constantly reloading until you get the right slot machine luck (I’m not kidding, one time it literally took me more then 10 minutes just to get the headshots and crits. Usually it never takes that long, but it can).

You CANNOT save quit, reload, or switch weapons.

You can’t get the Terror ammo regen front loader/ase apply terror grenade anymore.

Overall, if you want to try something new, try something with the purple tree, or need a build for the takedowns, this is an amazing one.

Gotta mention, if for some reason you take the drop pod for travel; it also resets your reload roll

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