Goeff - Kid Ultras Nemisis (Glitch?)

This might sound weird, bit when fighting Geoff my damage against him is only 1/5. If my attack is buffed well and I do 200 dmg per Hit, he only gets 40.

Whats up with that? Is this on Purpose or some sort of Glitch?


KU does explosive damage, right?
If so, Geoff is resistant to it.


What @MidnightNova said. What I did was hang way back at the drone station just where you first enter Geoff’s area, and spammed rockets at him. I’d also specced into the “drones stay put” helix option (first run with character, solo) with +2 drones. I spaced them out so I could hop from drone to drone towards Geoff, then quickly retreat back if the bot spawns got too bad. The bola was very good at pushing back the minion swarms (especially boombots), and the rest was history. I had purple attack damage gear on, as well as a legendary somethingmumble. Not the fastest kill, but I never felt in any particular danger.

Does Benedict do less damage against him?

I checked the numbers again 97 vs 25 so it is at least 1/4 but still very low.

Thought it might have something to do with the Golems that got reworked… you only do 1/3 Till their Chest is opened, and normal characters can get crits now (yay).

I didn’t try with Benefict so I don’t know about Goeff being resistent, Perhaps…

The other thing is that neither KU nor Benedict can crit, even if a rocket hits dead on the crit spot. Putting out an assault drone is helpful with KU, because it stays in your circle of thingy. Too bad I couldn’t get one of KU’s drones to lock onto the assault drone though!

Toke and I tested this on Archive advanced, the itty bitty tinie winie verelsi take two full rocket volleys, each!
Oscar Mike can crit everyone of them and get it done 80% faster than KU.

[quote=“PoeticNova, post:2, topic:1549528, full:true”]KU does explosive damage, right?
If so, Geoff is resistant to it.
Yes, he is, and he has zero reasons for it. It should be fixed.

I checked it after the patch and Ernest only dealt 1/3 of his normal damage to Geoff. And 1/2 to Void’s Edge Conservator, that should be fixed too.

He always had explosion resistance.

I played through the Algorithm my first match with KU and found it’s not really that big a deal. Just made the boss fight about 10% slower than it usually is. Side note - do his rockets crit? I don’t think the other explosive weapons do, so it would make sense if they don’t.

No, they don’t crit.

I agree with you here.

Makes sense then. Still not that big of a deal, though.