GoFundMe Battleborn Ads?

I’m thinking about starting a go fund me to make Battleborn Ads. First let he know if you think that’s crazy and what you think the goal should be. Thanks.


I love the idea but my concern is the legal issues this is sure to run into.
You would have to get approval before and after this project is finished.
That being said I would gladly throw money at this if it even has a chance to do what it’s set out to do



That’s a shame to hear. Just a pipe dream I suppose


U r not alone in that dream…


Legal issues… There always seems to be something preventing this game from reaching the heights its meant to reach…


Ads are so polluted online I’m boycotting all of them.


That’s not even remotely true. Anyone can, say, create a Facebook page then pay to promote the post advertising the game. If I had the spare cash I had two years ago I would have already dropped a couple grand doing that.

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Sadly that’s all it’s likely going to be. I had a similar idea just recently, but Jythri pretty much said that legal reason would stop me, and I was trying to get one of the cast to do voice over work for it.

The best we can do is just make videos that promote the game in our own way, for free, and keep sharing them around.

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Nobody is going to stop you from putting up Battleborn posters/videos/tv/radio shout-outs if you do it for free, but once money starts to exchange hands the water gets bloody and the legal sharks come.:spy:


That’s why I’ve been planning on doing my own video that (hopefully) better explains how the Free Trial works. I’m just having trouble trying to fit it around all the other projects I have atm :stuck_out_tongue:


Breaking Character…

There is nothing wrong with supporting the game as a fan and doing stuff in your spare time for free to help promote it.

However… as everyone has said… once real money starts to get involved, it stops being a fan project and turns into a whole legal issue. (i.e. Are you making a profit? Do you have the legal right to promote another company’s licensed IP professionally for money or without their permission? Do you have the legal right to make a profit off someone else’s IP?)

I would avoid trying to promote the game with a GoFundMe without Gearbox’s expressed written permission.

Technically they could come after you for promoting their game without their permission, but realistically, without funding, it’s just going to be a post on YouTube or something on the internet and not worth their time.

Now… if you were to buy time on network television to promote someone else’s game… without being an official representative of the company… that opens up that whole legal grey area again.

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That’s really not true

Under the fair use act the most you can do with a copyright/licensed material (without permission) is use for purposes of commentary and criticism.
Those terms may sound vague but they really aren’t
If you try to skirt around it that is easily grounds for a lawsuit
No one wants that


And this is how indirectly 2k crushed our dreams.

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Well it sounds like it’s not worth trying due to possible legal issues but my initial loosely thought out plan was something along the lines of basically getting the money together that Gearbox would need to make a tv commercial or ad campaign and giving it to them once that quota was hit.


I think it depends on the intent and how you go about it. If you set out with the explicit goal of making an ad to promote the game that may or may not require funding to make, you are asking for trouble. But making a video that showcases your own personal love for the game that you share on social media? That sounds like content creation to me. @MentalMars might have a few wise words to say on it since he’s been doing this kind of thing longer than all of us.

Fun fact, it’s apparently technically illegal to stream gameplay footage in Australia (where I live).


First off, i’m a baker not a legal adviser.

There is a fine line between on what is fare us and what is not. I have seen fan trailers online that promoted a game better than the official trailer.

Pushing fake advertisement online, on tv or other media is a no go!!!

Starting your own “youtube” channel and trying to get funding for that is oke.
Promoting your channel with ads is oke.

Recent studies show that game reviews by the media aren’t doing a lot for sales.

TV ads have the potential to reach a mass market, but it doesn’t reach the right people only a few are interested in these type of games. How many times did you watch a commercial for diapers, panty pads, etc. (it is true if someone is exposed to a thing multiple times he is more likely to engage with it, this also works with getting a date :wink: )

Word to mouth is a better return of investment, so yes talking about it on social media helps.
Social influencer marketing is a trend these days. You have content creators (youtubers, twitch streamers, other) that have “a lot” of followers. People identify with these people and respect their judgement, the content creator becomes a authority. It’s word to mouth advertisement that people are going to believe because it’s not presented as an ad as the content creator is believable (i won’t say trustworthy, that’s what you have to earn and in some cases content creators were not trustworthy). Publishers don’t care about how many followers you have, they want quality content. You have to be honest and deliver good content. A publisher has followers, they can push your content to the masses if they want to. That’s part of their content mix in their Content Marketing strategy.

Advertising your own channel; Yes facebook is very good at targeting people. If you want to place an ad you can set it to only show up at users that have a specific interest. For example: everyone who likes Borderlands. Everyone who likes smite and is 15 to 25 years old. Everyone who likes gearbox software, lives in texas and is older than 35.

Email Marketing also has a high rate of engagement, but you have to have people sign up for that or els you are just sending spam.


  • i’m probably also a social influencer with what i do outside of the Battlebread bakery.
  • I have gotten and seen messages that people bought Battleborn because of me.
  • But like you i’m also a fan of the game and the studio and i like content creation.
  • Yes i read some marketing & design stuff from time to time to improve myself or for ideas (Hey maybe someday i can make a living outside the bakery with the help of my studies and content portfolio).
  • No i do not get paid money by 2K or GBX for making Battleborn content (recently came up on a twitch channel, so also wanted to address that).
  • Because of my work 2K did send me and a few others a heads up before new info gets released so we can make our content ahead of time (this involves trust and a NDA).
  • 2K Games & GBX have send some swag in the past as a thank you for all that i have done as a fan for Borderlands and Battleborn.

Even then, there’d still be some legal issue stopping us from doing that somehow, but if there was, why would it be an issue? I would hardly question anyone who’d be happy to freely give me money. However, there could be a problem with “who actually has the right to that money?”. 2K might argue that the money belongs to them, or Pitchford might say the same thing and go spend it on something completely unrelated to what the money was meant for.

Think the best thing we can do is just keep buying stuff from the in game store and give them money that way, even if GBX won’t see a 100% return on our “investment”.

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