GOG mod grabber/patcher

Hi all,

Just throwing some thoughts out there, is there such a thing already as a program which can pull Steam workshop content without Steam? I’m just thinking of the constant requests for GOG versions of STC here. Coupling this with a pre-existing mod manager would be an effective solution to their mod access.

For context, there’s no one on the STC team with the GOG version of HWRM and maintaining two release channels will become very arduous on a small team that’s essentially hobbyists. Especially when you can’t test the released product… I’m keen to do a GOG version once we run out of steam (ha!) with our updates but until then I’ve just been singing that tune :confused:

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Basically, if a mod runs without problem on Steam version (v2.1, keep in mind that there’s no v2.205 on GOG), it should also works on GOG version. What you need to do is just pack up your big file, upload it to some place like moddb, and tell players to put the big file into their data folder, and use that -mod parameter to launch the mod - just like the old days when we made mods for HW2 Classic.

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I assumed that part, not confirmed myself but yeah. We have an installer and launcher and everything to make it easier on them too.

My thoughts are on:

  1. Not having to upload over 1.2GB to Moddb every month or ■■■■ around with DIFF patches
  2. Not having to exclude people because they don’t like Steam
  3. Not uploading to Moddb and then people running different versions of the mod everywhere
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