Going back to borderlands 2

So, I’ll start out by saying I adore borderlands as a series, one and two are easily in my top 5 games of all time, I wanted and have tried so damn hard to love no. 3 but I just can’t do it, so I’m going to step away from the game for a year or so, give gearbox some time to get their house in order and hopefully sort out the broken mess that is b3

If anyone needs me I’ll be finally starting a Sal game :grin:

Enjoy your gaming, whichever game you are playing!


Cya dood, have fun.

i’m having fun with BL3.


Understand and share your disappointment and frustration.
Never played BL2, only BL1 and TPS but think I have it, so might also give it a go for the same reasons.


I couldn’t go back to BL2 for long even if I wasn’t enjoying BL3. If you can squeeze more blood out of that stone, good on ya.

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Could i get you to elaborate please? I’m curious as to why your feeling like this. No joke…

Because of many reasons, firstly Zane is my main and he is underpowered and not showing any real signs of being buffed to a decent level, then an event comes out and the main enemies in it (ghosts) are immune to his main element (cryo) and then the actual design of the event, its intrusive in the main game, introduces a new mechanic that we still don’t know if its temporary or not, and new annointments on weapons, that further dilute an already overflowing loot pool, if the event was like the ones from b2 I’d be much happier.
Then the whole direction gearbox seem to be going in with this game, the obvious lack of testing involved on release, the strange buffs/nerfs that again, obviously don’t get tested before implementation, the massive amount of bugs and performance issues thst really show no sign of being fixable, overall, this game feels like a step backwards from b2 for me, maybe in time things will change, and I sincerely hope that is the case

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Yeah, all that and the story and characters in BL3 are quite inferior to BL2. BL3 felt forced and detached from the start IMO. I can do a new play through on BL2 with folks who are playing for the first time and still enjoy it. Story and all. BL3 not so much, after the first play through I speed through and ignore all dialogue etc. as much as possible. Patches, nerfs, buffs, and DLC’s can’t change that. Nerfs/buffs aside the game play is good, but the quality just isn’t there with the main storyline.

Given the plot, it should feel grander, but it doesn’t.


Thanks, i had a feeling the class issue going on right now had a part in it. Classes seem to be a touchy subject but i hope it does pull you back. They are making improvements so linger on that. Anyway good luck to you.

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