Going for Cryo Speed build, suggestions?

My Zane should be hitting 50 this weekend. Have a ring leader mod I I use now and love it. Have recurring hex cryo lvl 50 already and even executer/infiltrator mods lined up.

I love swapping between all 3 A/S depending on situation. My question is, that I can reach Double Barrel easy, however in doing so I will limit some other functions with 2 points and want to know if its worth it.

My Build is as such:
Violent Speed: 5/5
Violent Momentum: 5/5
Drone Delivery: 1/1 (possible to not take for double barrel)
Death Follows Close: 1/1

Under Cover:
Adrenaline: 3/5
Ready for Action: 5/5
Brain Freeze: 3/5 (2/5 for double barrel) (mod +2)
Confident Competence: 1/1
Best Served Cold: 0/5 (mod +1)
Refreshment: 0/3 (mod +2)

Double Agent:
Synchronicity: 5/5
Donybrook: 5/5
Fractal Frags: 1/1
Duct Tape Mod: 4/5 (or +1 to get to double barrel)
Pocket Full of Grenades: 2/3 (or +1 to get to double barrel)
Supersonic Man: 3/3
Boom. Enhance.: 1/1
Trick of Light: 3/3

Any suggestions welcomed.