Going Insane-Farming AS Mod

Been farming Handsome Jackpot for literal hours trying to get Seein Dead with AS dmg boost and I’m literally gonna lose my mind I cannot ■■■■■■■ find it at all UGH.

Just farm the scraptrap boss on M1. Much, much quicker way of getting one. I had a action skill damage, seein’ dead com with +4 donnybrook yesterday off of him.

This is exactly why I posted in the “fine-tuning Mayhem 2.0” thread that adding it to the already highly satured pool for bonus stats on Coms wouldn’t be a very good way to implement it.

Also, if this was the plan; why didn’t they just say so instead of giving a vague description that seemed to many implied a better implementation.

Finally got one I thought I was about to lose my mind lol

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did they fix freddy? :sweat_smile:

there was a farm where you killed him, teleported to the tower again, ran in and he’d spawn (with any sniper or scoped gun) you just put a bullet in his mullet and he exploded and repeated the process (teleport back, shoot mullet, teleport, shoot mullet, etc.)

but even then it took me forever to farm the mod i wanted (5 points in donybrook, pistol damage, jakobs damage and jakobs critical damage)

but now i have to farm queen’s call again -_- i hate main story bosses… (especialy the anoying twins and their stupid imunity stages that drag the fight on for no damn reason)

Just remember you’ll have to do this all over again at level cap increase 63 lol oh and 67 oooh oooh oooh and 70 lol

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