Going into ffyl a lot

I’ve owned the game since release day last year, just letting you know I’m not new at this. I die every time I use my action skill! I’m using this build, I got rid of the two self harm skills and I still can’t stop going into ffyl. http://thepresequel.com/Claptrap/505115000511550510100001315001000000/loopinata,auto

All the healing skills… and then there’s lots of skills that involve going in/out of fight for your life or being revived. Is that just what claptrap’s about, going into ffyl a lot? Also… is the “All the things are awesome” skill worth speccing into with only 2 players? I’m doing Claptrap/Athena split screen. I mostly use torgue shotguns, and wear an absorb shield. Advice, anyone?

Edit: A little late, but I did it. Using this now - http://thepresequel.com/Claptrap/550515050515550510153010310000000000/loopinata,auto

I wear an adaptive shield and use a Torgue ravager, I love the spread of those things. Survivability isn’t a problem.

[quote=“boxing10196, post:1, topic:300701”]Is that just what claptrap’s about, going into ffyl a lot?[/quote]I don’t think so… while he’s adept at handling it it, that’s more Krieg’s milieu.

Is it a particular subroutine that causes you to die? Is it an immediate death (like a bug), or you’re just dying from combat based around using his various action skills?

Try this build, lots more healing options and extends FFYL time for a long time but if you want to stay more true to your current build, I suggest one more like this one.
In this case you should be able to afford hurting yourself with Start With a Bang due to increased HP from Pain Simulator is Painful and due to hurting yourself it shouldn’t negate the bonuses from Living near the edge too much/often.

Not a subroutine, but I notice that I take a few hits and barely have any health left. My shield is always down in combat and I get hit really hard. Action skill restores health to full, get shot a few times, and immediately die. Literally seconds after I activate vaulthunter.exe, I’ll be dead. His healing skills can’t out heal the damage I take, it feels like op8 without a chain lighting and grog nozzle.

Thanks, I’ll definitely try the first. I’m starting to hate the torgue guns and their slow velocity. >.>

A word of caution then, you should consider keeping at least one of every type of gun (Smg, AR, etc.) and try to have each gun have a different element if you do take Element of Surprise so you aren’t caught without the appropriate theme/flavor and find yourself at too much of a disadvantage. Also, Element of Surprise will sometimes choose Explosive so it would be prudent to keep one of your Torgue weapons if you intend to swap each time the Theme changes (it is possible to not use the “correct” weapon or element but it does make it tougher to kill and by extension stay alive).

Now for some good news, High Five Guys can be triggered by melee attacks from enemies to receive the “multiplayer/friend” bonus!

Killbot is a must for survivability. Lots of coms boost this skill. At 9/5 or above, you get all your health back on kill. The damage it does only applies to your shield and is irrelevantly small.

That skill is the best heal clap has. Followed by float like a bee, then high five, you’re gonna love me, trap card and only then maniacal laughter and best buds.

http://thepresequel.com/Claptrap/550015050015000510050511315001505200 This is what I use have never had an issue with it. Also I use a chronicler of elpis mod could not pick it on the skill builder though for some odd reason

I originally started with this.

As I started uvhm leveling, this one. Got rid of “high fives guys” since I usually forget about it and my brother leaves me hanging. I used it with a two scoops and an absorb shield. Lastly, the one in the original post. Getting rid of the self harm skills didn’t do anything, still going in ffyl a lot. I’m going to test some of the builds here and switch up class mods, see if anything helps.

Why no money shot?! o_O

As I said. Grab some COM’s that boost killbot (Celestial, Vanquisher, Sapper, Short Circuit, Madtrap). Freeze enemies often so they can’t shoot you, and pop them with some torgue gun from up close.

you get up to 100% health back per kill from Killbot and You’re gonna love me

Even at 70 I would rather go for other skills plus I don’t really find it necessary I like to keep my LnS stacks up all the times anyways so its not helpful to me

Surviving as Claptrap

  1. First the fundamentals… use cover and movement to minimize exposure

  2. Freeze immediate threats to nullify them. The fridgia is my favorite tool for Claptrap, easily obtained and very effective at short/medium range

  3. Grenades: Singularities, MIRVs, Tesla, Cryo AoE, Cryo Transfusion all are useful in their own ways. Currently running with the new Meganade which does a fantastic job at disrupting mob movement and grouping them together

  4. Kill more effectively with top-tier explosive gear, triggering dat Killbot more often - IVF, Laser Disker, Ravager, Flakker…

You do know that even with 1 mag luck cannon, you still get 0.125x880% est of damage from OLT, that is 110% damage buff every shot.

invest in killbot, best com audacious sapper 6 OLT 5 Killbot. put point in coincident combustion, so even non elem gun like coach or flayer can benefit LnS. Just 3 pts in fuzzy logic and 1 in defensive rountine will suffice from the last tree. SWAB if your eyes can adapt to the effect which i can’t, give me headache lol.

Farm a corrosive leech grenade for activating manaical laughter on top of healing.

system purge best oz for him, Morning saga in vacuum, oxidier if you like fire or bomber if explosive. Tediore purple shield preferably alkaline or naught.

Best gears two fer luck cannon, maggie, caoch, flayer, 8 mag ravager, flakker, ivf, etc.

I only use points for “Fuzzy Logic” in the third tree (the only one in my opinion thats worth putting points into in that tree), all other points go down the first 2 trees and I have no problem at all staying out of “FFYL”

Well only 1 point in defensive routine which give you extra cap and constant recharge with tediore alkaline shield is no brainer bud. Allow you to be more aggresive in utvhm. Anyway clappy has some of the best skill in grenade vent and dead machine in this tree than the first and second trees, unfortunately gun routines can be tedious after sometime. Personally i find that many points are wasted on 1st and 2nd trees with only 4 pts spent on the 3rd.

Does it actually work? I can’t really tell a difference between normal reload speed and it activating even with 5/5.

That’s because reload speed is inverse multiplicative.
Even with 11/5 in that skill at 66% reload speed, your boost is actually

                       reload speed
boosted reload speed = ———————————— = reload speed * 0.6
                          1 + 0.66

or -40% reload speed actually. Now if you add 5/5 drop the hammer (25% reload speed) and the highest boost from 1/1 Living near the Edge (100%), it would end up at

                          reload speed
boosted reload speed = ——————————————————— = reload speed * 0.34
                       1 + 0.66 + 0.25 + 1

so the 191% extra reload speed actually takes off -66% of your reload time.

So… to see any real noticeable changes, barring speccing and receiving the max reload speed bonuses, you’d need to use stuff like scav Rocket Launchers or other already really long reloading gun.
Makes me wonder then what the number from FF Frag Stack is since I can see a noticeable effect if it’s ~50 or below and matching the weapon type.

more for the gun damage than others. 30% reload is not much due to the formula. Eg. 4s reload with 100% bonus only reduce it to 2s.