Going into ffyl a lot

Well yeah, I was talking about the reload speed. I think I can usually tell that there is a damage increase but not always, more like if I have the “incorrect” gun/element equipped and still kill something.
I miss Mordy’s “Fast Hands” skill.

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Anyway played that tree a while, just can’t stand the subroutines apart from safety first which is very good. It is the dps that i miss from fragmented.

Death machine and Grenade vent are your DPS in that tree.

Sadly they are hidden in those tedious subroutines. I supposed -15% gun damage is not much, damn perfectionism lol. Anyway i like to rush into enemy crowd with shotgun when shield subroutine active every other 100s in utvhm. SWAB may help in tanking but it is flame of the firehawk all over again. My eyes hurt.

Yep i mean from fragmented tree’ s grenade vent and death machine skills.