Going into TVHM I got to do this right

So I have started my assassin from and started building through countless Zer0 build videos and I have him level 31 he goes down the cunning tree and I’m wondering if he is built right for TVHM and what tree do I go down next I have this tree build


But the gear I have is

Rustler Orphan Maker

Dva Anarchist

Banberry Pimpernel (Fire)

Speede Badaboom

Killer class mod

Storm front

Fable Tortoise

Stockpile (Sniper)

Your build doesn’t seem to be too bad. The only change that could be made (and it isn’t a major one) is to take some points from Fearless and put it into Innervate. What you go for next is completely up to you. Do you want better movement and survivability with Grim and Followthrough, or do you want fast reloads with Killer and Bore?

You shouldn’t need to worry about TVHM too much. Use this time to get to know Zero better and how he works.


This will be entire up to you. Which playstyle do you want ? Melee one, gun based, sniper only ?

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What @SixelA said. In TVHM, you can go either melee or gun-slinger. It’s probably better to focus on one of those than try both, though, since you’ll want to be near the top of your build when you have to get past all those (now beefier) constructors.

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I’ll try to play Zer0 how I played mordaci I was a pistol user so I guess picking up a infinity when I get to sanctuary and a Maggie as soon as I can

I’d say that right now you are perfectly positioned to see who “you” are as an Assassin Zero. Now would be a great time to re-spec into Sniping and play like that for a bit, then re-spec again and try a pistol or shotgun build, and then maybe again for melee Zero. Melee Zero will be the harder or the skills to conquer at UVHM and OP levels, and matching grenade damage so it strips your Roid shield can be a PITA at any point on your way to 72 and above, as can be letting enemies strip your shield depending on your playstyle.

If you do choose to play as melee Zero you really have to commit to it and tuff it out, as he can be frustrating to learn at times, but an amazing amount of fun and nobody hits harder than he does. I wouldn’t recomend trying to learn him at 72 or above that’s for sure.

I’ve said in the past to other people trying to find out who they are as Zero, just to choose a map or two that they are familiar and confident with, where you know the enemy spawns, and just repeat it a number of times with different builds and weapon types and just see which style they prefer and then just go for it.

Maya is a very versatile VH, and so is Zero. He can just be great in all areas but maybe not at the same time as Maya can to some extent.

I was told very recently when looking for some advice on Kreig to “Tinker” and even come up with my own build based on my own natural playstyle, and the weapons and gear that i was familiar with and liked to use. It’s some of the best advice given to me so far.

You may find some help and inspiration here …

Hope this helps, and most of all enjoy playing Zero and good luck :thumbsup:

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There is at least one “pistol Zer0” build out there, and gun or melee/gun hybrid builds are fairly common. My advice at this point would be somewhat similar to @SomeRandomGuy11’s - by all means take a look at what’s there, but feel free to experiment and then respec if you don’t like something.

As for guns, there are many options for a pistol build beside the Infinity. The Maggie, Rubi, Law, Judge, and Lady Fist are all good (Rubi for built in healing, Lady Fist for massive critical hit bonus). While you’re working your way up, you’ll also be able to pick up levelled versions of Gwen’s Head in The Dust along the way. And a purple rarity Anarchist is a thing of great lethality. Oh, and don’t forget the Hornet for all your corrosive weaponry needs!

If you’re going for a gun build, don’t discount shotguns either. Quite a few of Zer0’s skills (Killer, 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill, and Rising Sh0t come to mind immediately) synergize very well with Jakobs and Torgue shotguns. Even if you want to main pistols, having shotgun options for ammo diversification can be very helpful as you’re taking on some of Pandora’s beefier bosses.


Good call. Gun Zer0 should have a sniper, pistol, and shotgun. Fourth slot left to the imagination (and whatever goodies happen to drop!)

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Hey :slight_smile: first time posting!

I just finished up UVHM and I just want to say, just got for whatever play style you enjoy man. I’ve read different builds and suggestions and people always say how hard things get for a sniper zero. I love playing slow and cautious. Get a strong pistol (I usually just go with whatever is strongest but maybe the last 25% made my pistol a slag one) make sure you have a decent sniper (at level 50 farm the lyuda - drop rate is good go for corrosive and slag I used slag for 75% of the game and the last bit used a slag rubi and corrosive lyuda) and have a the highest dps shotgun with a decent fire rate. My last slot was a weapon with the element of choice for the area I was in.

The only time I really felt annoyed was with rabid stalkers. That first and third section right before bloodwing sucked so hard. I ■■■■■■■ hate rabid stalkers.

Otherwise, everyone falls to slag and lyuda!

Thank you all I like your advice I guess I will go into a pistol then melee/Shotgun or sniper but I really want a defiler in bl2 but ehh

If you are on PC, that’s possible now. :wink:

Oh really how

I believe @SixelA is referring to the Unofficial Community Patch. It does a lot of things with the game! A quick google should find the relevant info. There’s one for TPS as well.

Awesome I loved the defiler in bl1 I killed all the Lance with it

Aaron0000 made a lot of guns that are inspired from BL1 weapons. Since I don’t know if we are allowed to post link to custom stuff, I’ll send it in a pm if you want to test it. :slight_smile: