Going off map with Excalibure

Description Summary: I went trought the wall and fell in the void will using Excalibure

Observed Results: As I was using Excalibure, I attacked my opponent with the primary “dash” attack and as it was ongoing, I encountred a wall and went trought it before falling in the void sourrounding the map until my opponent quit the match giving me a victory thus ending the match.

Steps to Reproduce: Use Excalibure in front of a wall until the bug occure.

Expected Results: The wall should block the attack.

Build #: Closed Technical Test Build 31

Do you happen to remember which map you were on and which wall you were pointed at, or is this something that you were able to replicate in more than one place?

Sorry I don’t remember the name of the map, it’s the closed-place with organic wall one. If I remember correctly I went trough the wall at the complete opposite side of the map from the biggest room with the jump booster.
I hope I was clear enough to help. If you really need the name tell me I will try to go check as soon as possible

We’re reading you were on Quagmire. As for location, were you in the low ceiling cave, the dropoff from the ledge, by the rear booster, or somewhere else entirely? It might be handy to pop the map up as a dojo and force it again in order to better pick out the location (I would be finding all the broken excaliber, but it hasn’t dropped for me yet)

I think it is where you are talking about but I will look at it. I will only be able to test it tomorrow evening (east coast time, just in case) so maybe someone else will have the same bug by then. Anyway I will look at that and come back whenever I can.

I checked and the bug happened in the small room with two pillar near the ledge with a small “lava” pit and it was on the back wall. I tried to reproduce it at that place, randomly on the map and also on other maps but I wasn’t able to do it.

This is good data. Might be time for someone that actually knows what’s going on. Could this be a latency problem?