Going on 10 hours

Going on 10 hours now trying to farm a lvl65 cryo old god shield with sntnl movement hahahahaha :sleepy: can someone from gearbox just show up at my house and shave my head already, pulling out my hair lol just here to share my frustration no need to reply dedicated drop rates suuuuuuuuck.


12 hours



16 hours now and still nothing im frustrated and sick of seeing the same enemy over and over again will try again when I wake up. Doubt itll show because gearbox loves to make farming pretty much intolerable and it doesnt like to drop on its own most of the time 1 shows up after maybe 30 runs.

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Are you in pc or console? If you are in console like me, the pain is more real.

I find a shock sntnl movement speed yesterday morning. I want that cryo too. It’s tough.

The things humans will (not so) happily do to themselves.

E: to be clear, not shaming, I’ve been there too.

“Mission Accomplished!” - Gearbox, probably.

The problem with Old God is that it doesn’t have a dedicated drop to begin with.

I have been farming for a cryo Urad Plaguebearer for more than a week. Literally ALL of my playing time in the game was farming for one. I finally got one last night. Well over 300 kills. On console too. I never want to see Warden again. :rofl:

I feel your pain, for REAL.

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I don’t know how guys can have all that patience to farm a specific weapon because it’s impossible , but good luck and may the RNG gods be with you lol , i’ve farmed for BSB Urad full auto never find one

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@hilarious76 I don’t normally farm for stuff in BL3 and really haven’t ever in this game until level 65. I did farm a Deathless once, and even during the guaranteed drop event, it was a pain to farm. In the past, most of my “best” or god-rolled gear (at least the stuff for my main build) was gifted to me by friends.

Anyway, since the level cap appears to be staying at 65 “for the foreseeable future” - whatever that means - I figured I would farm at least some close-ish-to-perfect gear for my build this time. I kind of wish I hadn’t made that deal with myself.

Yeah , you farmed during the guaranteed drop event so you know the pain of farming lol , now for a god roll Old god , who is only World drop , good luck man ! But if you enjoying the farm keep it up you will find it , one day

If you want a farming nightmare, give this a shot.

Level 65 Mayhem 10
Molten The Monarch
Fire Elemental
Minimum 3800 X8 Damage
100% Cryo while SNTNL is Active annointment

Farm that one up and see how many times you have to kill Killavolt to get it.

Bonus points if you keep track of both the total number of Monarchs and the total number of Woodblockers you find in the process. I’ll bet money you get more “random” world drop Woodblockers than you do dedicated drop Monarchs.


I have rad cryo sntnl monarch and electric cryo sntl light show both at lvl 65 and are the only essential weapons in my build besides nighthawkin which only has to be a bust fire preset for clone, and my fourth slot is for testing weapons I pick up or my lvl 65 electric cryo sntl plaguebearer, I am somewhat looking for a rad cryo sntnl convergence as well but isnt neccessary and not sure if it even exists of the 100s of convergences ive had drop maybe 15 had cryo sntnl and non of them were elemental which makes me think it just doesnt exist.

I already have had a lvl 60 one for the longest time but im a perfectionist so I really want the lvl 65 version the lvl 60 still works just fine but the 65 is almost double the amount of shield which would be nice, I even made multiple new characters just to max lvl 65 and re do the guns love and tenticle dlc just to get the perfect pearl of innefable knowledge which I got imo its the fire rate and reload speed one.

I get as many Old Gods from Grawn as I do for most dedicated drops.

It usually takes me 30-40 runs to get one to drop but the stupid torch shield drops like every 2 runs and drops in multiples, I sometimes think ths game knows what im looking for and the chances of it dropping decrease after each run, I do give up sonetimes and go farm amak as well which is another source for old god.

For me it felt like an ~10% drop rate.

I just think I personally have terrible luck searching for specific gear and have to spend days on end trying to get it. Im just gonna say if their were sonething tedious I would have to do in order to add a modifier that increases dedicated drop chance id definetly opt out and do that then go farm a dedicated. The rats just flat out needs to be increased especially since in playing on tvhm mayhem 10 I do know tvhm doesnt change anything but I still believe it should.