Going Rogue mission is busted

Trying to complete Going Rogue mission but the Jabber I’m supposed to follow stands around and rushes to catch up with me during fights. I’ve kind of figured out that it’s supposed to fight with me in specific battles, but Ive killed everything in the area, left, waited for enemy respawn… Third time I’ve given up. Any suggestions or maybe a good walkthrough so I can make my way past it?

Any more, I just run to the elevator it’s going to and wait for it to catch up so I can push the button.

Usually closing and relaunching the game works. Hes done that to me before also

Last time I ran this mission I had the opposite problem - it ran ahead of me and kept killing things before I could! I’ve noticed with all the “follow X” sections that getting ahead of the individual you’re supposed to follow is a bad idea. Especially if you turn around and look at them - they seem to think you’re trying to talk to them so they just wait. (Either that or their pathing algorithm can’t figure out how to get around you.) I usually just run back behind them, then follow from behind and to the side so my cursor never intersects with them - this seems to work for me, anyway.

He fights too so should I just let him kill everything so I don’t screw anything up?

It’s basically what I did - following behind, cleaning up, and looting along the way.