Going thru story mode at op8

I’m going through story mode at op8 and I would like people to join I can play as a siren commando or mechro doesn’t matter to me. I also do all the side quest in the game as I go along so be prepared for that

Gt is BlueBandit76 message me and I’ll play

commando i recomend you play alone here’s the build http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#05000000005500500515055555150050 Use hopelite with this build + legendary pointman class mod weapon you can bring one Maggie & for backup weapon any non elemental weapon will do using commando with other players will piss em off cause you will look bad you can’t either of 2 fire your weapon to kill or drop turrets that will actually kill you can only choose 1 cause you won’t survive OP 8 without survival skill tree