Gold Ambra Skin

So I went into a private match to test out a new character and saw a gold skin for Ambra. For those that aren’t familiar with the private matches, the characters randomly use skins out of all that are available, not just the ones you have. And yes this was an actual gold skin, not just the yellowish one, both her boots and headpiece were the same type of gold you see on the pre-order skins. I wasnt able to get a screenshot of it sadly though. So I’m wondering if anyone else has seen it and has a screenshot of it, or if you have seen any other golden skins that werent part of the pre-order bonuses/shift codes.

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All “skins” for characters just use predefined model areas with what is basically “numbered swatches” to easily fit a set of predefined colors to any character model.
This is also how you can easily change the “team colors” at any time in the options, without even needing to reboot the game. The coloring is being handled by the game’s engine, not an externally stored texture file.

To try and explain it better, think about Thorn’s character model:

  1. The designer sets certain parts of the model to use “Color A”, and certain parts to use “Color B”.
  2. Now imagine a “skin” that has “Color A” as green, and “Color B” as yellow.
  3. Thorn’s model says her bow should be “Color A”, so it is painted “green”, while her bow says it should be “Color B”, so it is painted “yellow”.

A different “skin” could thus be used with the same model without having to actually edit or make new textures for said model.

This is almost certainly how these are set up - it’s a very easy method to not have to paint each texture for every character. This also means that these “gold skins” could be released for every single character model with almost zero effort on their part.

The “gold” skins have a few additional data flags on them that tell the engine “this surface should be shiny” (simulate reflected light), but it’s all handled the same way.

They want them to feel “special”, though, so they may never release them for some characters, or may release them with promotional events - who knows.

The same is true of any “skin” color scheme, such as ones from the “Digital Deluxe” pre-order (or the physical copy version).

Oh, you aren’t confusing the “yellow and orange” skin that you get for each character by leveling up with the “gold” one, right?

I made that mistake with Caldarius actually lol:

…And Ambra’s is similar:

The Gold skin is quite easy to distinguish, as it has a much more metallic finish to it.

Could indeed be goldskins like the Boldur and Gallilea in this set of shots-


They’re gonna be giving out the golden skins for other characters for promotional events like they did with the Open Beta for ISIC, Benedict and Shayne & Aurox. They’re distinguishable by the metallic gold and red accents

kind of figured that was the case, just looking to make sure, and to see if anyone else had seen any of them

Um, I’m MUCH more interested in knowing what skin this is:

That skin is not available for any character at the moment I don’t think (I’d remember something like… THAT I’m sure LOL).

A “Void” skin maybe…?

Oh wow, that one’s cool, I want it

That most likely is one of the “tier” 2 skins coming with the release of Alani. Not sure if they’ll add them to a loot pool or what

its one of the zombie skins from what I can tell, I am betting they are going to be giving them out around halloween time, I could be wrong, kinda hope I am.

I think so too. And won’t these be added to the faction loot packs? So it’s better to wait until both tiers are in the loot packs to spend all your credits on them as you’ll have chances of getting a tier 1 or 2 skin.

Most likely
What I’d like is the option to purchase the Faction Commander packs with credits
I’m sure they’d be a high price but worth it in my opinion

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I’d like to see this, make the Faction Commander packs unlock at Command Rank 50 and cost 10,000 credits. That would be fair I think, also have it so that they can only give taunts and Tier 1 skins while the Tier 2 are available other ways(i.e. regular loot packs, mission rewards, etc.)

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There is a golden Ambra skin down near the bottom of that page ( ) of screenshots also.

That looks more like a T2 Ambra skin. Her skin color is different and her clothes are gold and blue, instead of the signature gold and red on the golden skins.

…I just got that Ambra skin after a team match on Helio.

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What the golden one?

…Named Averice, if you want I took a screen shot and can post it.

If you’re talking about the one you unlock by ranking your character up everyone has that