Gold Chest vs Bosses for best loot?

Forgive me if this is not a new topic, I did look around and couldn’t find a good answer.

Basically I’m wondering if it’s worth it to wait on spending my gold keys (I have plenty) so I can have max level loot? Or if I’m going to be getting better loot from killing the major bosses in the game so it really doesn’t matter when I use them.

Or maybe there isn’t any difference in the possible loot?


They never been anything to wait at. Like in BL2 i used them only when i did need that extra level weapon to down boss as my luck was bad. Used like 10-13 here, got mostly shields and grenades, but saved my Zane as i was stuck on kagava ball. Sure at max level is best chance to get that leg you needed, but at same chance you can get that item by killing some random mob in game.

Honestly, the bosses drop so much legendary gear that there’s no reason to horde the golden keys at all. Might as well use them when you need them. Or save them for the final level cap so you can get a ton of level 70 gear all at once

Golden Keys are amazing for getting class mods. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get at least a purple class mod.

Wait till 50 bc you want to get a mod that perfectly fits an endgame build.

That’s kinda what I was thinking. Like I would actually be annoyed if I got a really good legendary and had to retire it after an hour or two of play because it’s underleveled.

Good to know about the class mods though.