Gold keys not showing up in game - BL2

Hi! I am not seeing any of my gold keys that I’ve downloaded from 8/29/19 to present. My shift account is linked and I’m seeing all of them in my rewards online - it shows all of the downloads, but they’re not appearing in BL2 on any of my chars. Please help! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Moved you to the BL2 section. Are they appearing as redeemed in the in-game SHIFT rewards menu?

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Thank you and they are. Want me to screen shot?

I don’t need it, but support probably will. Assuming you currently have < 200 keys in BL2, the new ones should have shown up. You can file a support ticket, for which you’ll need your SHIFT support ID (instructions on the linked form) as well as proof that you had entered the code and seen it accepted (screen shot).

I have 170 currently.

Just submitted. Thanks for your help and have a great evening!

I’m actually still missing keys myself. They told me in their system I had close to 255 but when I put in the codes I only had 22 (down to 12 now). I told them that and I still have not seen the potential 100+ keys I put in for. Just gonna make another ticket and hopefully it will be resolved.