Gold Medal for The Renegade: It's Possible

Just a miniscule possibility… but it’s possible.

The same,way I would say all gold on advanced is possible.
Finished it yesterday,Archive gave me the more trouble.

Yeah, gold’s definately possible in Renegade. Though Kleese might be a little OP for defense missions…

Dayumn, and yes Kleese is definitely amazing for defense. =D

You had 2 isics in the team and they both did so little damage. Thats sad haha.

It doesn’t help that networked energy rifts completely destroy the spawns on the right platform on the last defense segment (elite unit included). The elite unit at least survived 4 seconds, the rest basically died on entrance. Along with energy rifts being great at destroying swarmers in the first defense area, and still ok at covering two spawned areas in the 2nd.

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Man I only play solo cause i can’t find a good team, and I cannot get silver on renegade it’s so ughhhh… X_X I even solo’d the last boss easy and got gold, but renegade… just not enough credits to find.

Zabu,feel free to add me on steam,IGN: Justice (picture is a blood stain on snow)
We’re a group doing normal/advanced regularly,we already helped several people unlock Ghalt or Deande,etc
(Because yes,we can guarantee you a silver medal on any mission,any difficulty. For Gold,it will depends x) )
Same for anyone that needs campaign and wanna add me,feel free.

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Do you have another name we could use to find you? There’s like 19,947 people/groups named Justice on Steam. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any specific advice on getting a high score?

At the start of the map, clear the enemies under the ledge where the gunners spawn. Near the end, there’re a couple of enemies which spawn only if you check under the bridge too.

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Thanks, will try that.

We killed them all today, got almost 75k score - silver.

I always go for mobs under the ledge. Very often we got something like 50k+ score that not even close to gold. Apparently this doesn’t help much.

What mobs drop bonus points? Does boss drop them not only after his death?

The boss drops it at health thresholds/phases too. On that note, it’s preferable to DPS the boss down before he can escape to the platform outside, cause bonus orbs tend to scatter off the platform.

Also, 75k is almost gold. Another possible issue is that the large chests are sometimes easy to miss, especially in the last area. (and one of the large chest possible spawn location is near a ledge, with the obvious issue there)

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Or they are near mobs and open accidentally by a shot/explosion while no one’s near to collect bonuses…

The best I have ever gotten, if memory serves, is about 75,000 for a silver, and on most teams it falls more around 60,000-65,000. I have gold on every other (normal, non-hardcore) mission. I even got gold on The Saboteur in the first few days after launch in one miracle run where every teammate actually played well. I am not sure if that mission has been “fixed” yet, but it was ridiculously hard because the final defend sequence had almost zero margin for error as Nova would die so quickly.

Yet still, gold on The Renegade, a relatively easy mission, except maybe for the last defend sequence, eludes me. It seems that you need a virtually flawless run where no one messes up and you pick up everything. I suppose that’s fine, because I like a good challenge, but it is frustrating when the other golds came quite easily and after running this one at least 8 or 9 times I still cannot do it. It is almost as though Gearbox decided to make this one specific mission extraordinarily hard to get gold on just… because.

I plan on voting for this one every single time this weekend until I get it, though. :slight_smile:

A quick tip: Running with a Kleese makes this map a LOT easier. His rifts and shock taser easily destroys swarmers in the first section, completely destroys all spawns in a single platform in the last segment, and still does very good damage to the boss if you’ve time to set up (and you should, the rift destroys all the spawns on the right platform so fast the rest of the spawning locations likely hasn’t finished spawning by the time you take down the enforcer (which also melts fairly fast)).

In terms of turrets, don’t forget to set up a turret at the right crystal for the last defense point; it should be able to singlehandedly handle the spawn point at that location.

Oh, the boss also releases bonus orbs twice during the fight: once when his guards die, and again when he himself dies.

I got Gold on Advanced with a 5 man group of El Dragon, Boldur, Montana, Kleese, and Miko. The final point was so close to dying, it was nerve-racking. I have a feeling a primal thrall would’ve killed it in one hit!

Bringing back a dead thread to help people having issues, and also to say they did rework the score on this map a bit.

I have a gold on every advanced mission. You don’t even get an achievement for that.