Gold Skins for Ambra/others

So I went into a private match to test out a new character and saw a gold skin for Ambra. For those that aren’t familiar with the private matches, the characters randomly use skins out of all that are available, not just the ones you have. And yes this was an actual gold skin, not just the yellowish one, both her boots and headpiece were the same type of gold you see on the pre-order skins. I wasnt able to get a screenshot of it sadly though. So I’m wondering if anyone else has seen it and has a screenshot of it, or if you have seen any other golden skins that werent part of the pre-order bonuses/shift codes.

Edit: Posted in wrong topic earlier

Yep, I’ve seen gold Ambra and Attikus. No doubt there are gold skins for all characters, we just have to wait until more are released, we have nine so far!

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