Gold Skins for Ernest and Pendles?

Unfortunately for me I got Battleborn too late I guess because there are some shift codes that have expired so I’m wondering if there’s another way I can get the Pendles “Constrictor” Golden Skin and Ernest’s Golden Skin Any help?
Also I’m a little confused as to why these 2 character skins are no longer available but I can still get everyone else’s Gold skin such as Alani, Shayne, Mike, etc.

They were special timed events. They may eventually go on the store, or be rereleased

Probably re-released. If you missed the Gold Skins for Marquis, Montana, Thorn, Reyna and Rath, they are in the Marketplace now.

I guess they either do the same or do another Event… they re-released the Golden OM Skin many were Missing, might be that they make one code for those who missed out on Temporary Available Gold Skins later on.