Gold Weapon pack

Where is it ? I redeemed my key, but I don’t see the gold weapon pack in the in-game mail either, is it bug right now ?

I had the same problem, it says I redeemed the packs, so i’m guessing you have to get to the Sanctuary 3 Hub first to get them

never mind it’s actually a skin for the weapons not weapons, go to your inventory and inspect your weapon there you can select wich skin you want to use with your weapon !!! I have no clue how to put a trinket on the weapon nvm part 2 it’ss the little square at the left of the weapon


You can redeem the items in your in game mailbox. There should be there.

I have the same problem. Has anybody found the skins?
I redeemed my code but there is no envelope in the email in social.

The gold weapon pack, is just texture you can apply when you inspect a weapon, they’re not actual weapons