Golden chest event

Let’s face it. Nobody uses the golden chest anymore. Granted, you may if you’re leveling up a character, but after level 50 it just gets left alone.

What if gearbox did an event where, for around a month, there was an actual chance to get legendaries from the chest? No legendaries would be exempt, including the norfleet. This could also include legendary skins and heads. The legendary drop rate would be small but still good, like 20%. There could also be pearls added into the pool, with like a 5% chance. This could get people to use keys a lot more and let new characters have the chance to get good gear.


I still have keys, I use them sparingly and try to space them out between the characters but now the keys have run dry. The other day I tried for an hour to get some old SHIFT codes to work and not a lick of luck. I want keys they are fun and helpful.

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I don’t even bother redeeming them anymore, haha, the effort of inputting the code into the individual boxes for what I get out of it is not worth it anymore (I’m lazy, I know).

I would totally be on board with your idea though! I would love it if there was a chance to get the community day heads and skins in BL2 out of it as well. Redeeming the codes would be like my favourite thing in the world if that were the case!

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