Golden chest is bad

I was silly enough to believe that this event will update the golden chest in Sanctuary.

This chest since last nerf is worst than a white chest. At least for those I don’t need to wait for a code!

I’m not saying that this should drop loot like now is dropped by the red chests during this event. But definitely it needs a buff. 5 keys and I got no legendary. On top I got an epic level 49…

GBX, the golden chest needs a bit of love. It will not break the game…

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I don’t know the purpose of gold chest. I thought it suppose to be on VH level till I’m hearing it can go below a level.

I usually look at it as a way to grab quick gear. I have a feeling level cap will happen someday.

Also wouldn’t it be cool if 3 keys can be consumed at once for guarantee legendary and other loot on the same level?

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What made you think you’d get a guaranteed Legendary out of it after five rolls?

That it threw something at level 49 (assuming you’re at level 50 when you opened it) legit sounds like a bug though.


The Golden Chest in BL2 never dropped legendaries. The fact that it may occasionally do so in BL3 is a step up. I’m not sure it should cough up a legendary on a regular basis though - it’s supposed to be there to help players out while levelling if they get stuck for gear, not be a prime farming spot.


@VaultHunter101 I got that. Besides, with the glitch, it can be easily a farming method.

I don’t think it should be guaranteed a legendary. Is just weirder now during the chest event. I know this is golden and not red. But still, 5 keys and nothing is a bit drastic.

Think that there is no glitch for basically infinite keys and you only get what GBX distribute. They value would be high, as I think the original intention was. Gold in the name says something. Otherwise would be named Support Chest or Gamble Chest. If so, I can bet that the community would be really vocal.

Just my 2 cents! Thanks!

  1. never opend the chest even once (have what? 20 keys or something and i don’t bother getting new ones)
  2. chest is obsolete in this game… (in 2 you could get some decent guns out of it, this game not at all)
  3. legendaries drop like rain… (i’m blazing through TVH M4 with an infinity pistol with gear that everybody can farm within a day if they knew what to look for)

so… don’t bother with that crap… just farm the easiest boss in M3/4 and you’ll drop legendaries left and right and you won’t be bothering getting the (useless) keys and trying for the chest to give you something worth while (you’d have better chance getting a decent weapon from a slot or a vending machine)

1 quick farming tip (it’s easy and early in the game so anybody can do it)
farm gigamind… you just quit and reload and he’ll be there (with a red chest) on M4 i get around 3 legendaries every time (should be more but there’s the odd chance he doesn’t drop a legendary)

only thing you need? a good shock weapon (AAA or something to melt his shield with) and speedloading hellwalker (drops like candy…) and just stand inbetween the platforms spamming his critspot (if you have zane you can freeze him in place and speedfarm him into oblivion)

if you have the DLC…
go to the VIP tower, kill the chantel thingy in the lobby, then kill all the loaderbots and finaly freddy. quit, reload and repeat (this will surely give you zane’s best classmod and tons of them)

there is… but GB doesn’t want you talking about it… but again… the chest is just useless… (time spent would be FAR better used farming as it actualy yields result)

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Thank @garfield1283

I know the farming spots. I can farm M4 with any class, over 500 guardian, you know.

All you said is right. I was only saying as is a broken mechanics. I know is not the only one. But the fuss they do about the golden keys does not match their value in game. That’s it.

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yeah been saying this a long time haha :smiley: (since BL2 where i just used them to get a decent slag weapon haha)

but everybody just trolled me and said “it’s free stuff quit complaining” but completely missed the point of me saying gold keys are useless :frowning:

like you said, GB makes them sound like they’re actual gold… but are more useless then your money in the game! :smiley: realy! you could spend your money on slots and get more decent items then trying to get that useless chest to produce anything remotely usefull

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How 2as this desent in bl2 if you could not get legendaries out of it?

because in BL2 purple weapons where still viable in OP8

slag weapons where not realy that easy to farm (especialy the ones i was after) so for me it was the only source i had to get my hands that weapon.

other then that it was as useless as it is now… (now there’s no use for white/green weapons and blue/purple lose their use in M4 and what ever legendary it will yield in this game wouldn’t make it any more usefull as like i said you’d get more legendaries killing a single boss then you’d ever get from that trashbin)

Gold chest needs to be unique items that aren’t found in game normally/easily, like more skins/trinkets maybe? Eridium…weapon parts for when they introduce the new ‘weapon mod’ mechanic that is potentially hinted at with the existence of the weapon components screen in your inventory? Keys right now have no special value unfortunately, which should change imho.

if they would chose to scrap the gold keys (or rework them) that would be a great choice…

spend the keys on some sort of “loot pool” wich changes every ?month? ?week? ?day?
like trinkets and skins (allthough for me they have no value what so ever… i never see my own character and hardly notice the echo as a solo player)

but it would give the damn thing a decent purpose… they can still give out keys and let the players decide if they want items from the current lootpool they spend the keys, if not better luck next time…

getting weapons from the damn thing is just useless… hell, i think if i emptied my mail i would have enough money to max out an other wallet! (don’t know why i would want more green/blue guns or even purple ones…)

if it would start pooping out legendaries it would just beat the purpose of the game…

either way, as it stands now i’m just ignoring the damn thing and not bothering with the codes…

Trinkets are a missed opportunity. They should have stats attached that apply to the weapons in the slots they are in. Eg. Tina’s rabbit trinket - splash damage/radius buff. Evil slot machine trinket - Damage boost v bots.


golden chest was used to help player to get better loot during story playthru , but bl3 is way too easy therefore they are useless

It’s free loot, why complain…


I found it to be pretty worthless in BL2 relative to the keys I had. When I returned to the game with THC, I found I had a bounty of keys available. It was still largely useless, but I didn’t feel bad using a handful of keys to maybe get a weapon I wanted to use when the RNG had me using woefully under leveled weapons to the point of desperation.

I have a different gripe about the Sanctuary golden keys chest. I’ve played all 4 characters and 95% of the time, all I get is a bunch of shields and grenades. On rare occasions, a golden key gives me guns and – yes – I got a legendary when I reached level 50. I’m talking about 55+ golden keys yielding nothing but shields and grenades. Most of which weren’t worth anything – maybe 1 shield in 5 had value. There’s a glitch somewhere in BL3 that I got stuck with and it makes the golden keys useless. Fix your software Randy Pitchford!


Maybe just get a golden key as a reward for “return to sanctuary”. In this case you could always open it a bunch of times on a new run. Personelly saving a few guns i used in my other runs to keep them for other Vhs is much easier, than searching and typing for the Codes. And most of the time its only one key and is not the time worth. In bl2 i still have 82 golden keys.

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everything is free loot :rofl:

the golden chest is just a missed opportunity… and for now just useless…

also, you have to invest time to be able to acuire the keys…

The golden chest is exactly what it’s supposed to be, a way for your levelling characters to get better loot. That’s it. It’s not a missed opportunity or a scam or anything. It is what it is.