Golden Chest(keys) - should always have a legendary?

I have opened roughly 30 golden chests since launch and have only ever gotten 2 legendaries. These keys are so rare that I feel they should always have a legendary. Has anyone else done better with getting legendaries in Sanctuary chest?

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I have gotten a couple. They never intended for it to give a lot of leggos. Its just there in case you hit a dry spell leveling. Im surprised it gives leggos, bl2 was only purples. Got some of my best bl2 guns from it. It does seem the quality in bl3 is not as good.

Before bl3 they strictly gave purples. So be glad they added a legendary drop chance to the Bl3 key box. Also the main point of the box has always been to get decently usable gear while leveling. Legendaries are nice at all levels but quickly outgrown while leveling, and once at level cap you can quickly get decent legendaries on Mayhem1. So just like in 2 my keys just sit unused and uneeded unless I am leveling another character and need supplemental gear.

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Leggos? I’ve seen the term and just now connected it to legendaries. Where have I been. That makes me smile deep inside. :smile:

They changed it in BL1 Remaster, BL3 is using the same mechanic.

The idea for the chests imo was to help off toons (rarely used characters) to keep up in groups. Back in the days classes had a bit more role intended uses. You don’t wanna go to a party wearing the same thing as 8 other people. So gold chests gave you 4 shields, guns, coms to fill other roles. I kind of miss those days, I was actually stunned Roland was the medic. Nowadays it’s OP this and rib spelunker that. RIP Roland medic class, there is indeed another soldier on the field.