Golden Handcuffs Amara build

This is an elemental gun build using **Ties That Bind **, and a Golden Rule class mod with +3 Laid Bare. This is designed to be a solo capable build, flexible between boss killing and mobbing, and to be weapon flexible.

The basic idea here is to present a catch 22: enemies susceptible to Grasp become controlled. Enemies immune to Grasp trigger Samsara and Laid Bare. Along the way, linked enemies each suffer 25% increased damage from all sources.

Why this approach? In BL3, there are many dangerous enemy types which are immune to grasp. Examples include most bosses, certain anointed enemies, Kraken or mech types in the Maliwan Takedown, etc. With this build, those enemies take direct damage from Ties, activating Laid Bare, Samsara, and ASE damage anointments.

The skill distribution:

Golden Handcuffs Amara


The only critical piece is a Golden Rule class mod with +3 Laid Bare. Ideal rolls are likely weapon damage, damage resistance, and another +damage roll.

Shield and grenade anointments for +50% damage on action skill end are ideal. I’m currently using a Brawler Ward with ASE corrosive, and a Storm Front with ASE radiation. For a relic, most choices work. I enjoy a bullet vamp with AS cooldown as one of the rolls.


This is pretty much par for the course for Amara, except that I generally target grasp-immune enemies with Ties, since they’re typically very dangerous. This applies and activates everything as previously mentioned, which simultaneously boosts my damage and defense.

Also… I forgot how to format. It has been awhile.


I must give it a whirl. I wasn’t too impressed with the golden rule initially. Well, it is competing with a phasezerker and a spiritual driver!

Ties That Bind has never triggered Samsara, as far as I know. Unless they fixed that, these points are wasted with a setup like this. Don’t you think that investing into Laid Bare (+50% Damage increase with COM) and Wrath would give you far more benefits? If you invest in both, you can get Remnant as well. Or just get Laid Bare and Personal Space.
Good idea, I still have to play more with that COM. I don’t think that TTB works well with the Golden Rule because Phasegrasp has a pretty low cooldown anyway. But you may prove me wrong because I did not test it yet :slight_smile:
To me, it seems like the cooldown rate is not stacking fast enough. I only got pretty good results with a low-level splash gun to apply dots to myself.

A couple points of clarification. We’re not looking to trigger Samsara with the chains from Ties. It’s only activated when the target is grasp immune. Second, we’re not using the GR class mod for the special property, but because it gives us the ability to access Laid Bare without sacrificing green tree skills. This set up allows Samsara, Hrlping Hands, and Mindfulness, while still leveraging Laid Bare. By doing this, we benefit from that excellent skill, without going glass cannon.

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For formatting.

Thank you. I may get around to color coding it. I don’t think I’ve done that since the Peak guide!

That’s what I immediately thought when I looked at this build. In fact, I did build such a thing when I myself went through the DLC and here it is -“as__375904926___cb__3125379342___p__3923861329-1_2412358943-3_476948369-1_1693426195-5_3653546161-4_4223438069-1_2293914278-3_1535860645-2_2950089171-1_69544143-5_466974429-5_335451024-4_1013120097-1_946253125-3_2855324264-4_3602128734-5___e__89168977-899446352_1572227138-726360379_3806476316-375904926”

Throughout the DLC I found this to be a very strong build for mobbing and bosses. I had no trouble tanking damage or getting my action skill back. The dream Golden Rule mod would give you 3 in Laid Bare (for a total of 6 in that skill) and 2 in Helping Hands (which will be active nearly all of the time).

It was deeply satisfying in the Scraptrap where, thanks to Stillness of Mind and my corrosive Cutsman, I could easily lift and kill 10 Scraptraps with a single shot.

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Since trying this new DLC I been using a similar build to this but instead of going capstone of FoE tree I got Avatar. This gives you 3 in laid bare by default and has the added benefit of multiple AS uses per CD. My golden rule mod doesn’t have +3 in laid bare but with it’s +1 and my 3 points I’m at 4. Mod also has 31% AS CD and my Snowdrift relic also has 21% AS CD.

With this I can use my AS twice and then it’s only about 4 seconds for my CD to reset and I can use it twice again. I do wish I had a few more points for the brawl tree to add additional survival but my Mod also has +2 helping hands (giving me +3 total) and +2 mindfulness which is also helpful.

Here is the build:

In addition to that using a Transformer. Unfortunately, my Transformer anointment is for phaseslam so doesn’t help me. It does have me wondering if I could use this setup with phaseslam instead for the added 12% movement speed + 20% damage reduction on ASE but not sure how comparable that is with TTB. Might give that a try soon.

This mod just rocks, I’ve been using one with 3 points in laid bare for a phasecast build and it’s gonna make my Fl4k jealous.
Really does outperform phasezerker imo

Depends on what guns you are using. Phasezerker is still way better for any gun that relies on fast Reload Speed.

Why? If it’s because of the rush stacks I think you’re underestimating how many a golden rule build can stack up.
Yes it takes a little longer but golden rule builds seem to run similar to phasezerker builds they are just allowed to play a slightly different role.

I am running a similar build to the OP, but with no capstones used, and only speccing into personal space on the green tree. I like the com. It takes a much better roll to compete with the phasezerker imo, but it feel like it allows for more flexibility in skill point distribution in a sense. It is also nice to use a com that I actually care about the skill points on.

I’m talking about low-magazine Jakob’s Shotguns (e.g Hellwalker, Fingerbiter, One Pump-Chump). By using the Phasezerker, you get the maximum fire-rate on your second Phasecast. With the Golden Rule it takes a lot longer to get to 25 stacks. I’m just talking about Alacrity here. That Is why I did not change the COM for my main build.

I agree that for different guns with Phaseslam or Phasecast Anointments, I prefer to run a Golden Rule.

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Yeah I can understand if you rock alot of Jakobs guns or DP torgue pistols, my third cast ended up being the most productive for alacrity unless I toss a few nades because I don’t get the initial stack of rush.
I think switching between Maggie and companion are the only Jakobs I’ve actually been using with this build.