Golden key predicament

So im upgrading to the xbox one version of the handsome collection tomorrow and transferring my save over from the 360.

Now my character is only level 38 and I’ve saved most of my keys expecting them to transfer too but I’ve read they will not transfer over, I have over 60 keys!

So do I just spend them all and transfer over the gear in my vault? Seems abit of a waste really as I’m only level 38!

Your keys wont transfer, but you can be reimbursed, so to speak, once you switch over.

Theses codes, active until March 31st, are good for 25 keys.
Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 / Xbox One: CJC33-KHBCW-FHF6Z-C6JTB-F9395

TPS Xbox 360/Xbox One: 555JT-6TTT9-KCFJX-CXT33-T3FBC

And you should also be getting the loyalty reward, which will grant a bonus 75 keys! A note about that one however, its currently been delayed due to an unforseen issue, but will be fixed.

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