Golden key shift code not working

I got a shift code with my game for 3 free golden keys but when i tried to activate it it says its for xbox and i have the ps4 please help


Try this one instead. Its for ps4 and steam.

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Use Shift page instead.


im having the same problem, i got 2 codes…both say i need to be linked to xbox but im ps4…i also tried the code above and it says i need to be linked to steam…any ideas???

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is it just me or the code redemption in the shift website is missing


Use the one in the game under social

Missing for me also…

same here i got promo from gamestop for 3 golden keys tried entering in all options none of them work

It was missing for me as well. Went back to normal a couple of hours ago.

This worked for me

When I try it it just says select a platform but doesn’t give me an option to select the platform! I assume the key is good since it’s not erroring out but is doing like all the others but without the actual button to select the platform (PS4 in my case)…