Golden Keys- BL1 GOTY Enhanced

Am i supposed to get the 75 golden keys ? I’ve played bl1, bl2 and pre sequel a lot.

Finaly its ok. Don’t know what happened i just restarted the game !

The SHiFT system (which deals with the Golden Keys) appears to have been a little sluggish today (can’t think why!) If the game failed to log in to SHiFT the first time you booted it up, it would not have been able to award the keys.

The chest exists, and I had 75 keys in my inventory when I launched.

I won’t say where the chest is, cuz that would be a spoiler, but it’s pretty easy to find.

Yeah my wife had to restart the game, she didn’t get the keys the first time.

I’m having the same issue but it won’t show up no matter what I do. I made sure my accounts were linked, signed in through the main menu and restarted my game but nothing works. There are others on steam forums reporting the same issue.

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Same here. I hope relogging will fix it.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve logged in and out uninstalled reinstalled even deleted and created a new character. I still do not have the 75 keys. I got 3 for bl2 and some for the pre sequel.

I even logged into my shift account and then relaunched the game and still no keys. I do not know what to do now.

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I got the keys and in the next day there gone (ps4)

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I’m having the same issues with ps4. I’ve restarted, and uninstalled/reinstalled, and I still haven’t received the keys. I bought the physical copy, but my friend who bought the digital recieved his?

Just to check, did you follow all the steps mentioned here?

So I actually did receive my loyalty rewards, including the 75 golden keys…but now they are gone. How do I go about getting them back???

This, unfortunately, appears to be a common problem with the remaster. All you can do at this point is file a support ticket.