Golden Keys Disappeared PS4! HELP!

(lukesart764) #1

I had used about 6 golden keys so I had a total of 69 left. Went to go do some quests and then had immense difficulty on sledge because I was under leveled and had low level crappy gear. Went back to the golden chest to get some decent loot and all my golden keys were gone! My friends Keys have also disappeared! Please help!

(Renkarri) #2

bumping this, I have the same issue. have yet to use a key and they are all gone

(Ilovetamara) #3

That happend for me 2…any solution?

(How much time do we have?) #4

You will each need to file a support ticket, which you can do here:

Hopefully the folks at the support desk can help, and the reports will help track down the root cause.

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(Ilovetamara) #5

Already did this but its still very frustrating

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(How much time do we have?) #6

That, I totally understand.

(Ilovetamara) #7

And i really hope i get my keys back

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(lukesart764) #8

Yeah I’ve already sent in a request. Still havent gotten back just yet

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(Ilovetamara) #9

Something new?

(lukesart764) #10

No nothing yet I really hope I get my keys back 69 golden keys is quite a lot of loot.

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(Ilovetamara) #11

Yeah…i lost 70

(Ilovetamara) #12

Still nothing…

(Clintonls90) #13

I didn’t even get the golden keys or special weapons. I have the handsome collection and the other titles on PS3 all linked to my shift account and nothing.

Let’s hope this all gets figured out soon

(Ilovetamara) #14

Oh man…that sucks

(lukesart764) #15

Well you have to have the handsome collection on ps4 not ps3

(lukesart764) #16

Pretty sure but not positive.

(Clintonls90) #17

I do have the handsome collection on PS4, a long with all borderlands titles on the PS3. That’s why I don’t understand why I am not receiving my bonuses since shift is linked with my PSN account

(lukesart764) #18

Jeez yah I got the keys use 6 and then they just disappeared. So I’m really confused.

(Ilovetamara) #19

Something new?

(lukesart764) #20

Nope reply from gearbox or shift yet

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