Golden Keys Disappeared PS4! HELP!

(Thomas) #21

Same happened to me sent in a ticket last night 4/3. Nothing yet.

(lukesart764) #22

Jeez this seems to be a big issue

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(Clintonls90) #23

I sent in a request but it was over 10 hours old. I’m impatient so I deleted my old shift account and created a new one just for the loyalty reward to show up in this remaster. I did get the 75 keys but not expecting to keep them long.

(lukesart764) #24

How did you delete it?

(Ilovetamara) #25

The thing is…i don’t want 2 delete my SHiFT Acc. Its not my fault that the keys a gone so Gearbox/2K/Blind must do something

(lukesart764) #26

Yeah same

(Berjam90) #27

This also just happened to me

(Darkener) #28

Same thing has happened to me, lost all 75 keys after joining a friend’s lobby.

(Ilovetamara) #29

This is some big BS! I love borderlands but this is unacceptable!!!

(lukesart764) #30

Make sure you bump so we can get more attention

(lukesart764) #31

Yeah the reply still hasn’t come in yet. It’s been active since the day remastered launched

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #32

This is not necessary. The support ticket system uses zendesk, which keeps GBX appraised of multiple statistics.

@berjam90 - please file a support ticket if you have not already done so, as the more data the team can get on the occurrence of this problem, the more likely they will be able to identify the root cause.

I would also request that users not create multiple tickets for the same problem - that just clogs the system and slows down response times even further.

(lukesart764) #33

I understand that but I’m somewhat impatient. I’ve been waiting for two days now and not even a little reply. Not only that it’s not me who is just having the problem meaning that it’s more than just a small issue.

(Berjam90) #34

Has anyone heard anything this is really demoralizing and annoying as all hell

(Ilovetamara) #35


(Ilovetamara) #36

Still no keys or a reply

(lukesart764) #37

Yeah nothing

(Jotaro) #38

I’m a Victim to this too it’s so Annoying and frustrating and I did sent a ticket and no reply yet too on my end will up date if I get a reply

(lukesart764) #39


(Ilovetamara) #40

I got a reply from 2k support but they send me just a aritcle 2 clear my cache (Only on PS3)