Golden Keys Disappeared PS4! HELP!

(lukesart764) #41

That doesn’t help me I don’t even have a ps3

(Ilovetamara) #42

Yeeah…thats some BS

(Mercadorobert51) #43

I only used one key now 0 great way to start my day…

(morsondaniel93) #44

Same, I used 4 keys. 1 every 10 levels. I checked now and I have 0. I’m actually disappointed with this game for once in my life

(paaatrickzero) #45

Having the same issue here. I got the game on Wednesday and the keys showed up right away. Same as the two weapons. I’ve used 25 keys in the past three days. Jumped on today and my remaining 50 are all gone. I submitted a ticket. I’m not angry but this is definitely frustrating.

(lukesart764) #46

At this point it’s more than frustrating it’s been a huge problem clearly

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(Salud’ Chindon) #47

Having the same issues as well. 70 keys missing. I too am not upset about it. I have nothing but love for this game. Just adding my two cents to hopefully help fix the issue. I also submitted a ticket with the gearbox team as well as 2k help.

(Ilovetamara) #48

I love the game 2 but this is still unacceptable

(Ilovetamara) #49

Wooooooow…i bought 10 Golden Keys from Borderlands Inside for 1.500 Points and had 5 left…now this 5 Golden Keys a gone 2
Thats total BS!!!

(lukesart764) #50

Wait you bought keys? How?

(Ilovetamara) #51

Borderlands Inside VIP thing…its free
But the Golden keys disappeared too -.-

(lukesart764) #52

Vip thing oh man so basically this is an internal game issue due to the keys not being used in the game before and now the game doesn’t know what to do with the new currency. Like if they added eridium to borderlands remastered it probably end up similar to this but that means they barely spent time on the chest let alone the keys meaning they were lazy

(jero1640) #53

Exact same issue. Had over forty keys, went to use chest and they were all gone. On Ps4 as well. They really still haven’t fixed it? Or said anything?

(lukesart764) #54

No! They haven’t said a word!

(jero1640) #55

That really sucks. I’ve been running into a few issues but still enjoying the game well enough. But really this is disappointing.


So glad to hear that I’m not the only person who experienced this.
I also bought the game the day it came out on PS4 and I had all my keys the first time I played & used one out of curiosity to see what kind of loot I’d get from it.

I decided to save the rest until I reached a point where I would need them but the next time I played, I ran by the chest and noticed all of my keys were suddenly gone and I still haven’t got them back.

(lukesart764) #57

Yeah it’s clearly been an issue for a lot of people.

(paaatrickzero) #58

Two days now. 50 missing golden keys. No response from Gearbox. Now I’m starting to get a little annoyed. Instead of plastering Borderlands 3 ads all over the existing games, please fix the real problems. In fact, I would have already pre-ordered BL3 if not for this golden key issue. Please fix this Gearbox!!!

(Ladine) #59

Created a ticket 4 days ago still no response :frowning: Had the same issue have my keys on pc but the vanished on ps4

(Jotaro) #60

Any luck so far because I haven’t yet