Golden Keys Disappeared PS4! HELP!

(snellchanc27) #61

On Friday I Lost all my keys and that’s the same day I sent them a Report. Still nothing. Come on Gearbox Get it in “Gear”

(Wellington Bear) #62

Another victim here. Bought the remastered version, got my weapons and keys. I spent a few keys. Logged on Saturday, no keys. I had approx 50 left. I’m sending a report. It’s been four days and they are still gone.

(Ite) #63

Had 50 keys now I have 0. Really annoying.

(osc18) #64

I had 75 keys on the launch day. Played again the next day and had lost all of the keys. Sent a ticket to gearbox last Thursday and they replied on Saturday saying to look on the forums for any tips on resolving the issue. Talk about washing your hands of it.

(How much time do we have?) #65

That sounds like the standard form email you get acknowledging ticket creation than anything else - was it signed by a person?

(osc18) #66

No it wasn’t signed. It was just gearbox support team

(How much time do we have?) #67

OK, that is the auto-reply then. You should get a human response (hopefully soon!)

(lukesart764) #68

Bruh we literally have been waiting since the day it came. Come on no one is getting a reply anytime soon.

(Salaryman_Matt) #69

Seems once your golden keys disappear from the original 75, you can’t get any new golden keys either. I redeemed the 5 keys codes tweeted out, but they disappeared too.

(paaatrickzero) #70

That sucks. Luckily, I got my five and I spent them immediately so I didn’t lose them. Since Gearbox has ignored this, I’m going to be farming the legendary weapons using the glitch they also haven’t fixed. Oh well. Tit for tat I guess.

(lukesart764) #71


(Galoonblow) #72

Add me to the list of affected players. I saved my keys for max level. I hit max level today and was excited to head to Fyrestone and spend my keys. All my keys had disappeared. It was a real bummer to say the least. I’ve submitted a ticket you just get the usual form letter saying to check your steps, etc.

I had my keys, now they are mysteriously gone. Along with a lot of other players. Can Gearbox not simply give us all another code for more keys to make up for this? It’s not like it’s going to cost you money to compensate us.

Looking forward to some sort of help. Thanks in advance.

(Salaryman_Matt) #73

They probably could give us some keys, but I seem to lose my keys even when obtaining new ones. Just giving us some keys won’t fix the problem if they disappear again.

I sure hope they are working on a solution, because like others, I haven’t had any real response yet except clearing cache and such.


You too!?
My 75 keys disappeared so I redeemed the recent code for 5 more keys and those disappeared the next day as well. This is getting ridiculous.

(How much time do we have?) #75

On PS4, are you able to see the individual files located in your Borderlands save games folder? If so, is there a file in there named something like profile.bin?

(CDR_Shepard) #76

Happened to me, too! Coincided with the update yesterday, I guess? 0 (zero) keys left when I had, idk, 70 or so.

(Broshida) #77

Gave this a shot and deleted profile data (backed up to PS+ first), it did come up with the T&C when I booted the game up but when I loaded in, still no keys. Checked extras first to make sure my rewards were still there, SHiFT says they’re there but 0 keys in game still unfortunately.

(How much time do we have?) #78

If you file a support ticket (or have already filed one) please make sure you include all that information - should save some back-and-forth with the support desk, at least.

(osc18) #80

Happened to me too. 75 keys then 5 shift code keys plus 10 VIP reward keys plus my options settings returned to default and then asked me to agree to terms and conditions again .

(CDR_Shepard) #81

The thing about filing a support ticket is the confusion around who one is communicating with – Gearbox, Shift, 2K – they all have different log-ins. I hope, when BL3 comes out, they streamline all that. Too many log-ins to keep up with! Bah!!