Golden Keys Disappeared PS4! HELP!

You shouldn’t need to create a login to submit a ticket iirc? You should get feedback directly to the email you provide.

Yeah, I had only spent a handful of keys as well an there are none at the moment.

I have had my lost keys added back into my account.

One suggestion if I may: If the game works the same way as the BL2 and TPS remasters in the Handsome Collection, there will be a file named “profile.bin” or “profile.dat” in the same folder as your game saves. This file contains the record of your keys, plus any unlocked heads and skins. If the PS4 allows it (XB1 doesn’t :frowning: ) make a backup of that file to USB, just in case.

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Probably won’t allow us to tap into it. See if that was the case modding for profiles on next gen consoles would be a thing. I haven’t heard or seen anything besides modding a previous gen console and then moving it to next gen. Besides even if we did save a back up if the current profile.bin with the keys on it everytime they disappear(if or when they do) we would have to reset our current progress and go back into the current save we have which is stupid. Not only that not even sure that would working seeing as the golden keys are a ONLINE currency that are monitored by shift and not the game itself. Otherwise we would be able to do such a thing. Currently just waiting on a response from shift. Gave them my info like they requested and they said they are working on it now.

The profile doesn’t save the progress - that’s in each individual save file. The biggest risk I see with this is that the could sync process would overwrite any transferred file with an older date. And although the SHIFT system keeps track of which codes you have redeemed, it doesn’t (at least in BL2 and TPS) keep track of the actual items (keys, cosmetics, etc) once the code has been redeemed. That’s why when these things disappear from your game, SHIFT still shows them as having been redeemed (and won’t let you re-enter the code). If the game crashes (or is forced to quit) while it’s updating the profile file, that’s when these things go wrong.

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How did you get them back?

Add me to the list, I’m missing 75 keys. Also I agreed to terms and conditions twice, and no keys.

Send in a request. They took a bit but eventually got back to ke and gave me exactly how many keys I lost.

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Confirmed to login today and had 0 golden keys after I had around 67ish. Granted, I haven’t checked in a few days (Its not like I go to the golden chest daily), but the only big thing that happened is that I finished PT1 and started on PT2.

Also had the same problem, mine worked fine when i played solo but they all vanished when i first joined an online matchmaking session. :confused:

This is ridiculous. I’m part of borderlands VIP and I spent my rewards on keys for the remastered game. I had like 80+ keys and now 0. Can gearbox please do something about this. Now I feel cheated about the game itself with all the endless bugs but with the VIP program I was so excited about in the beginning. Was it all for nothing? Help us gearbox please

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Did you file a support ticket regarding the lost keys?

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This happend to me 2 days ago on PS4 again still not heard anything did it ever get resolved for anyone??

Did you file a support ticket? You should at least have an auto-reply with a ticket number - check if it went in to your spam folder.

I did and got told they would “look into it and get back to me” however it’s now got to the fact I have 1 left they seem to disappear everytime o log in to play more disapear

Same here I don’t know when my disappeared I’d like 50 of them just realized today since I beat the game and I want to get some good loot

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Same thing happened to me today, lost 111 keys .
it is sooo frustrating

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Me too I had 89 and then I had non😔 I have the codes and the back up but still nothing is there something I can do?

Yes - you and the others will need to file a support ticket regarding the missing keys.

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