Golden Keys Disappeared PS4! HELP!

I’ve lost all my keys twice, the first time it happened right after my game crashed in the middle of a loading screen. I filed a support ticket with gearbox and they replaced them within a week. The second time was on the day gearbox replaced them and it happened right after I closed the game application without saving because I was farming a mission. But I realized the game or my PS4 Pro was sometimes erasing my game profile info after I would close the game application without saving. So I went to my PS4’s settings, then to Application Saved Data Management, and then to Saved Data in Online Storage, then to Download to System Storage. Next select Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, and under this it will show all your game save files (that are named something like Save0001) and your profile data save file (that is named ProfileData.) If your PS4’s Auto-Upload feature is turned on under your Application Saved Data Management you should notice your profile data save’s last time/date upload was probably a day or so before you lost your keys and saved your game last. Now select only the ProfileData save file and make sure that no game save files are selected, then hit Download. This should restore your profile data back to before you lost any keys so now you can start up the game and save it immediately. Also it’s probably a good idea to copy your profile data save file to a usb flash drive regularly for a backup so you can always restore it. Hope this helps anyone else who’s having this problem, it worked for me.

The file is named ProfileData. Go to settings, then to Application Saved Data Management, then if you have Playstation Plus this gives you the option to select Saved Data in Online Storage. If your Auto-Upload feature was turned on (I think it should be already on by default if you are a Playstation Plus member) you can download your backed up profile data, which was hopefully saved online before your keys were lost. Next go to Saved Data in Online Storage, then select Download to System Storage and under this option select Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition. The next screen will show all your game save files and your profile data save file named ProfileData. All these save files show their last time and date upload info. If you just lost your keys recently and PS4’s last online auto-upload was before you lost them, you can download your backed up profile data and your keys should be restored. Once you have all your keys back I suggest saving your game and also coping your profile data save onto a usb flash drive. That way you can always restore it.

This is exactly what happens and if your farming for something and forcing the game to quit without saving, this might happen. See my other posts on how you can fix this.

Same thing happened to me, lost over 60 keys. Opened a support ticket 6 days ago, still waiting on the keys. Only happening on ps4 right?

Are you still waiting on yours? I opened my ticket 12 days ago. Got the ol’ automated response which told me to try some basic things which of course, didn’t work. I told my automated host this, and it sent on it another response. I then gave it my info and that was on the 14th. I’m tired of waiting, I told them a couple days ago to just close the ticket it out and that I’m not worried about it because by the time I get them, I’ll be smashing the 3rd one. How’s your experience been thus far?

Yup, still waiting. I’m considering asking for a refund. They sold us a game and then took part of it away, unacceptable. Can’t advertise 75 golden keys and then just screw the player out of them the second time they load up the game. I see plenty of people have had their keys restored after opening a ticket, maybe it just takes a few weeks?

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I guess it varies, really. Some people get them within a couple of days, some people …get them a few weeks later, I guess. Honestly, I ain’t bothered by not getting the keys quickly. What bothers me is the lack of response. Tell me something, ANYTHING. Feel like I’m talking to a brick wall. And I’m sure they’re probably very busy at the moment, with Borderlands 3 launch coming up and all. I’m sure some lost keys on an old title isn’t high on their priority list.

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You can always reply to the last email and request an update. As long as you reply above everything else, it will keep the ticket active. Just don’t do that every 5 minutes!

Which I have, and of course not XD. I’m really not worried about it, and I told them to pretty much close me out and move along. I’m sure they have better things to worry about .

Still waiting and I haven’t had a response for 12 days no matter how much I follow up. Is anyone even working these things? I think it’s time to demand a refund.

Are you replying to the original email, or opening new tickets? If the latter, it means someone has to recognise and merge those tickets. If the former, make sure you put your reply at the top.

Also, check your junk/spam folder just in case - some folks have had responses directed their by their email host’s spam filters.

I’ve been replying on the same ticket every time (a quick glance at the thread under ticket # 158056 will show this, and you actually responded to my post this morning on that same ticket thread).

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I personally didn’t respond, because I’m just a volunteer on the Gearbox forums and not someone on the ticket desk. I see that you’re posting to the forums via email, so you may just be seeing very similar topics close together in your client.

Hopefully, though, the support crew can get you sorted out.

I’m posting on the website interface most of the time, though it will capture if I respond via email too. But it’s been a steady response on the same ticket, no multiple topics close together (not possible because each ticket is its own thread). I could send screenshots back via email but that would take forever on an iPhone.

Gearbox needs to get their ■■■■ together.

Right this so messed up and nothing happens afterwards.

Yeah, it’s been two weeks now and nothing. I even asked them about a refund and nothing.

Hey, pardon the forum newbie here. Trying to resurrect this topic to see if things have changed since the last reply. I bought bl goty just a few months ago. Never had a problem. All my 75 + golden keys were always there when I needed them until today. Just played like normal, went to fyrestone and saw that my keys were gone. That user agreement stuff did appear a day or two ago but I still think I had my keys after I accepted again. Not sure if that wiped them out or not. I already submitted a ticket about it. I’m just wondering if gearbox has ever gotten anyone’s keys back. Is there hope or am I screwed?:frowning:

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I have the same problem… Got the goty Edition for Christmas today logged in everything worked perfekt wentto eat left my ps4 running came back into my room and needed to except the terms and conditions again(All four of them) and now All my keys Ar gone… :pensive: Just f… Up what there doing seeing this allready is Happening for month… Allready made a Ticket and gita reply that there aint no body gonna answer or Look into this toll after New year… Just great…

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Well at least I’m not the only person in this boat. The software picked a really crappy time to screw me over. The frickin holidays ! I can’t help but be pissed that a problem that started after the game was released is still going on with no hope of being fixed. WTH? And most likely I won’t get a response from support any time soon. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Yeah and also seems like all the other Problems like crashes freezes and other Bugs and glitches are all still on the loose. Just finished Dr. Neds dlc started the underdome and IT crashes. Now my weapon i got from Dr. Ned are gone… Great work… Not

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