Golden Keys Disappeared PS4! HELP!

Well I got an email today from support. It was pretty standard. They wanted me to clear my cache and some other stuff that didn’t help at all. But they wanted a little more info from me and I just replied. I’m hoping I get a response soon. Maybe tomorrow if I’m lucky. I’ll post when something happens.

I send a reply on Christmas wrote what happend and up Till now still nothing except the Standard Email that they have vacation and wont Look into it until there done… Wrote again yesterday if there comes anything but nope… I think i Just bloody wasted a ChristmAs present thanks to greedy people like gearbox and so that cant even make a Remake that Has less Problems then the original…

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I’m pretty much losing hope with gearbox. I feel like they care too much about profit and release games with all kinds of bugs and glitches that may or may not get fixed bc of deadlines. I wish they would take their time to make a game with less problems. Even if they have to delay.I think it’s worth waiting for. End of rant.

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Got another copy/paste email. The good news is they are now working on it. Supposedly. The bad news is it will probably take forever to fix. Plus I read that one user did get their keys back. Unfortunately the same problem happened again and the keys disappeared. :roll_eyes: I do not have high expectations. :expressionless:

Update! They gave me all of my 107 keys back. And I just tried it out and it works. I wish they would have answered my questions about this problem instead of just sending another email telling me to hang on. But hell, I’ll take what I can get. Hope you get your keys soon @jasonsellen!