Golden Keys Disappeared (Xbox One)!

I redeemed several codes for about 220-231 Golden Keys, and today when I hopped onto the game and went to the Golden Chest, I was missing ALL OF THEM! If anyone could tell me why this is, I would very much appreciate it!

Is there anything else obviously missing, like heads and skins or your BAR stats? These things are all stored together in the same file.

Actually, now that I think about it… After I had grabbed the Golden Keys, I had also grabbed all the special skins and heads you get from codes. I did this on my Aurelia, and I got her respective items just fine! But the other characters… They’re missing their skins and heads, and I even think that my Aurelia was reverted to the skin she had PRIOR to changing to the Easter skin!

Sounds like something nuked the file that all these things are stored in, which is not good to say the least. You’ll need to file a support ticket; note that it may take a few days to get a personal response right now.

Ok, thanks for the advice.